@BrownUAdmission accidentally linked to employee’s private Facebook account

Everyone knows the internet is a scary place where it becomes frighteningly easy to do slightly awkward things, like when you “Like” a mupload of someone you’ve never spoken to (stupid Facebook for iPhone), or Reply All when you REALLY did not want to.

To accidentally link the @BrownUAdmission Twitter to your private Facebook account is kind-of on another level.


Yes, it seems that someone working for our Admissions office—hopefully in an attempt to link the Admissions Twitter with the Admissions Facebook page—somehow managed to send all his/her private status updates as tweets to Brown alumni, students, and whoever else follows @BrownUAdmission.

We are really good at finding weird shit on the internet real hard-hitting journalists, and this is a screenshot that we took on March 9 of @BrownUAdmission‘s Twitter page. Unfortunately, to go on the Twitter feed now would mean that you’d only see the Admissions Office relaying information about campus happenings and alumni successes.

We can assume, based on the image above, that said Admissions Office employee was, on March 8, celebrating his/her nephew’s 8th birthday. At some place called the “Rock Spot.” With nine 7-8 year olds. And Molly. Who wore pink. Also, they woke up at 6:30 a.m. the next day, and that now unavailable link apparently sent you to a video of said nephew playing the drums. Hence “sorry neighbors!”

Also on March 8, she became increasingly concerned about Facebook’s new privacy policy (see: fourth tweet depicted above). Our very own Webmaster did his best to console him/her, while also probably alerting her to the incredibly uncomfortable linking situation at hand.

Having done some research into the process of linking a Facebook profile to a Twitter account, we can come to one conclusion: it seems pretty hard to do accidentally. It doesn’t happen automatically and there are all these steps you have to follow, including hitting a button that says “Sign in to Facebook and connect your accounts.” Again, we can only hope she was trying to link to the Brown University Admissions Facebook page, which would be a noble effort. We at BlogDailyHerald are sympathetic to her internet woes.

However, note to future self: Do not go on private Facebook at work. Weird shit happens.

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  1. the fact that this only ended in someone posting about their 8 year olds birthday party and not something, far, far more unprofessional is nothing short of a miracle.

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