Meet Catherine Gross ’13, the student who tweeted to win a trip to Vegas at Whisko

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Last Wednesday’s Whisko was just any other Wednesday night rager at the bar on S. Water Street: drinks, dancing, townies, lots of leather, etc. The game-changer? An opportunity to tweet to win a trip to Vegas was thrown into the mix.

Enter Catherine Gross ’13, a Brown student with serendipitous good luck. She’s not a usual Whisko patron, but after spending the day in New York at some “really fun and not-at-all stressful job meetings,” which, in reality, were neither fun nor not-at-all stressful, her friend’s “Wishco tonight?!” inquiry was surely welcome. She originally had planned to spend the night in the city, but then the Vegas gods intervened—she decided to come back to the glorious PVD on a whim. “As I’m not a freshman girl, I don’t frequent the ‘Co, but something of the YOLO-variety took over and I grabbed the Acela back for what I thought would be a pretty standard night at the Whiskey Republic: dancing and late-night Spicy Withs.”

And yeah, sure, it would have been pretty standard…until she learned of that night’s Vegas contest.

DJ Meatball explained the Twitter raffle over the microphone. While it’s likely that most people at the venue could hear the announcement, many didn’t take DJ Meatball up on his offer. Catherine surveyed the scene and strategized accordingly: “I took a quick look around the room and realized that the majority of the wish-goers that night weren’t quite functional enough for smart phone operation, so I figured my odds were pretty good and sent out a quick tweet before heading to the bar to play catch-up. The rest is history.”


While the two tickets to Vegas and the hotel res are good for a whole year, Catherine plans to embark on her Vegas adventure—which may or may not become the inspiration for the plot of Hangover IV—at some point over the summer.

Key takeaways from this fortuitous evening? A) YOLO-ing isn’t quite dead. B) Twitter addictions aren’t so bad after all. Learn from Catherine’s example: “My friends often poke fun at my Twitter addiction, but I think it’s safe to say that it has paid off.” C) When life gives you opportunities to go to Vegas, seize ’em.

Hit up Catherine on Twitter at @CatherineVII.

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  1. Maryl

    I agree with your strategy, Catherine. Though clearly a trip to Las Vegas blows my prizes out of the water, I’ve won a $25 gift card to Paragon not once, but twice, at Brown basketball games for tweeting at BrownAthletics. (Quite possibly the only person to have tweeted in both circumstances.)

  2. Yaping and Sen


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