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We Brunonians are already well-versed in the stale slang of our generation. (How many more times can you bear hearing the word swag?) However, just because we go to Brown and use such words, that does not make these words Brown slang. Luckily for you, we’ve taken some Brown-specific words and adapted them for novel uses. Here are a handful of words from the Brown lexicon that we have refashioned to suit your needs:

brown EZ (adj): Indiscriminately sexually active; usually DTF.

“I barely told her my name before I realized her tongue was in my mouth. I’d say she’s brown EZ.”

brown secure (adj): Selectively sexually active; not (immediately) DTF.

“We were DFMOing and he seemed like he was into it, but, after a long night of sleep—just sleep—I realized he was brown secure… or blackout.”

wicky (adj): Of or relating to the hipster / artsy / foodie culture on and surrounding Wickenden Street

“You are an arrogant asshole for refusing this coffee. I’m sorry it’s not the wicky shit your dad’s Hedge fund pays for.”

“That guy I hooked up with last night was sooo wicky; our foreplay consisted of strumming my Toms down his electric ukulele while we brewed kombucha. No euphemisms there.”

main green (n): The marijuana you smoke at Brown on a regular basis.

“We almost killed my main green with that ‘Planet Earth’ marathon yesterday.”

pembroke (adj): Out of meal credits and points.

“No, I can’t do Jos—I’m fucking pembroke. I’d do somewhere on Thayer though…”

quiet green (n): Marijuana that is so potent (read: dank) it will shut you the fuck up.

“I picked up some INTENSE quiet green last night from Joey’s con. I ended up laying in the fetal position on my shag rug for three hours singing the drop from the Harlem Shake song on repeat… heavy stuff dude.”

wriston quad (n): A group of 4(ish) members of Greek life.

“I tried to get a beer at the party last night but there was a wriston quad boxing out the keg; those jerks.”

spicy with (n): A sexy student that is unavailable, i.e., has (some form of) boyfriend or girlfriend.

“Every Monday I see this spicy with on men’s soccer at the Ratty with his plastic-ass girlfriend. Sometimes I wish she would choke to death on her arugula salad so he could be mine…”

spicy without (n): A sexy student that is available, i.e., without a current partner.

“What do you mean you want to leave this club?! The dance floor is teeming with spicy withouts looking for some love.”

G.C.B. (acronym): Good chillin’, bro.

“Shit! I got class, man, but it’s been fucking G.C.B.

omac (v): To go to a Brown gym with the intention of spreading sauce.

“Johnny was omac-ing hardcore last Friday; he was only working biceps and shoulders.”

faunce (adj): Centrally or conveniently located, in a clutch way.

“We had a faunce spot on the green at Spring Weekend last year.”

These are just words; use them responsibly. We can’t promise that everyone will understand you when you say, for instance:

“I’m pembroke, but this wicky, possibly brown EZ spicy without I met omac-ing last week swiped me into the v-dub and we scored a faunce table for CFF. Good thing we sampled my main green beforehand.”

However, we can promise that showing off this BLINGO will add some needed flair to your daily conversations.

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