Sextion: 10 things we learned during Sex Week


We hope you had a fantastic time exploring your sexuality during Sex Week last week. We certainly had a lot of fun. And though we, your two lovely Sextion columnists, see ourselves as “sexperts,” we definitely learned a thing or two. Like how to put on a condom with our mouths, for example. Didn’t get to make as many events as you had hoped? No worries! Here are the top 10 things Margaret and Monica learned during Sex Week:

1. You’ve been using condoms wrong. And don’t worry, so have we, according to Megan Andelloux. Her Sex Week presentation, Fornication 101, was ripe with new and wild information about all things sex-related. This first one blew us out of the water. Apparently, because many health educators are discouraged from talking about lubrication (in an attempt to avoid teaching us about how to have sex pleasurably), we were not taught to put 2-5 drops of lubrication inside the reservoir tip prior to placing it on the penis (whether the condom is previously lubed or not!), which is something you actually should do. This helps compensate for the decrease in sensation that many people see as a downside of condom use. Megan recommends silicone based lube always and forever, and so do we!

2. Fornication does not mean having sex. It’s actually the act of engaging in premarital sex. Hence the negative connotation of the word.

3. Milking isn’t just for cows. During Charlie Glickman’s enlightening discussion of prostate pleasure, we learned that prostate milking is more than what we thought it once was. For some, it simply refers to prostate massage. For others, it means orgasm without penile stimulation. And for others, it refers to the technique of stimulating the release of fluids through the urethra as a way of cleansing the prostate.

4. There are sex toys made out of moonstone. And wood, glass, volcanic ash, and all kinds of other wonky materials. Aida Manduley‘s workshop, Queering the Toybox, was so-called not because the toys were specifically for those who identify themselves as queer, but because the toys were made from materials that are not traditionally used, do not look like traditional (read: phallic) sex toys, and because they can be used in a variety of ways.

5. Brown creates the spaces to talk openly about sex. Okay, well we kind of already knew this, but it was nice to be reminded. Sex and Chocolate (in the dark) was a fan favorite Sex Week event because it gave us a safe space to talk about our desires while treating ourselves to some delicious chocolate confections. We learned that if you open up conversation, you can have a really informative, relaxed conversation about sex as an activity; talking about different people’s preferences and feelings is a great experience, but it’s up to us to create those spaces.

6. No one can teach you how to talk dirty. Caitlin Dorman ’16, our fellow blogger and Sex Week enthusiast, attended Ben Privot’s presentation, Dirty Talk, and had this to say, “The ability to dirty talk comes from being able to articulate your desires and then communicating them to your partner – and if you do, it will open up a whole new world of better sexy time.” But here’s what we learned: If you’re looking to spice up the conversation in the bedroom, and find phrases like “Can I suck your nipples?” and “Can I slap your ass?” to be moderately awkward, try “Where do you want me to put my hands on you?” and “Where can I kiss you?” instead.

7. A person’s fingers can be a good physical indicator of their genitals. In utero, the fingers develop at the same time as the genitals, so they tend to be similar in shape and appearance. So, oftentimes, longer and thinner fingers means longer and thinner genitals, and the same can be said for the shorter and fatter. This is not an exact science, but there is something to be said for the fact that we now procrastinate in the library by looking at people’s hands.

8. Relaxing your jaw can help ease your way into anal sex. First of all, if you want to try engaging in anal sex, you really have to want to. But if you are ready to engage in this activity, and are having trouble relaxing your butt muscles, think about relaxing your jaw.  It helps to ease you muscles and also distracts you from what’s going on down below. As Megan Andelloux says, “People who play with their butts have healthier butts!”

9. Vaginal lubrication is PLASMA. Yes, it’s true. All you Biology concentrators, here is your new fun fact to pull out at parties.

10. 3D printers print out everything. Including sex toys. The inventors of Dongiverse decided to take the rather phallic objects that were being uploaded to the popular 3D modeling warehouse, Thingiverse, and give them their own proper home. Dongiverse, whose slogan is “I’d put that in me!,” is its own entity in which artists can upload their own sex toy creations to be printed, casted, and used! Remember, these printed pieces are not made from body-safe materials, but act as the molds that can then be cast into actual sex toys. This is a truly innovative way customize your own sex toy, even if want it to look like Justin Bieber (though it ends up looking like a baby head).

We’re so glad this year’s Sex Week was such a success. We hope you learned as much as we did. If you have any questions or comments about anything you learned, hit us up at And hope to see you at next year’s Sex Week!



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