Congratulations, DJ Lefty!


Keep an eye out for this celebrity!

Here at Brown, it’s not totally uncommon to be near the occasional celebrity. Although many of them tend to be incredibly elusive, there is one that you can meet and talk to on a daily basis in the Blue Room. Last week, Brown’s very own Allen Pires, aka DJ Lefty, won best deejay at the 2013 Cape Verde Music Awards!

This award ceremony, which is similar to the US’s Grammy’s, highlights the best artists from around the world who demonstrate excellence in their music specialty. In the best deejay category, for example, the three artists nominated hail from the US, Cape Verde, and Holland. For Allen, this award is significant not only because it’s a huge accomplishment by itself, but also because he is a Cape Verdean native. As a deejay in the states, Allen was very popular for his hip-hop and turntables work. In the 90s, he opened for famous artists, such as Notorius B.I.G. and Lil’ Kim, before moving into radio as a personality. After leaving radio, Allen moved on to collaborate with DJ Baby-T on a compilation CD that featured Cape Verdean music with an American edge to it. From there, the CD gained popularity, and the collaborators soon labeled themselves “The Lights Out DJs” in 2005. Eight years and twelve projects later, the group won their first award after being nominated three years in a row.

Note: Whether or not DJ Lefty will be making an appearance during Spring Weekend 2013 is currently unknown, but you can enjoy some of his videos on Lights Out DJs’ YouTube channel.

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