State of the City: Heists and soup


Soup-er.  Haven’t you heard that the easiest way of raising scholarship money is through a person’s stomach? Fall River Mayor William Flanagan has cooked up a scheme to raise money for a city scholarship fund by selling soup, WPRI reported. According to The Herald News (not affiliated with the BDH), his face will soon be featured prominently on “Mayor Flanagan’s Signature Kale with Chourico Sausage Soup,” coming soon to a grocery store near you.  All proceeds from soup sales will go to the Mayoral Scholarship Fund for local students. Souuuper.

Stick it to ’em. A Pawtucket man took the phrase “speak softly and carry a big stick” too far when he tried to rob the McCoy market armed with a large tree branch while allegedly mumbling “money, money,” the ProJo reported. Well, at least he wasn’t singing ABBA. The man attempted to burglarize the store, taking only a “locked donation box labeled ‘Friends of Syria,'” before he was captured and arrested by the police. Criminals sure are branching out with their weapons of choice these days.

Cold case…? The federal government recently offered immunity to anyone who has information about or was involved in the 199o art heist of $500 million worth of art, including pieces by Rembrandt, Degas, and Vermeer, WPRI reported. The paintings were stolen from the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston in one of the largest art thefts in U.S. history. “We’re all optimistic that they will be returned,” a U.S. attorney said in a press conference. It’s been nearly 25 years, so the optimism seems a little empty.

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