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Today at 5 p.m., a new class of high school hopefuls received some great news from our Admissions Office. First off, we at BlogDailyHerald congratulate you on your acceptance to Brown University’s Class of 2017. But now comes the hard part: realizing that Brown is a significantly better place than every other school that sent you an acceptance letter. For some, this may be difficult. Concerned that your inner hamster’s ironic mustache is merely peach fuzz? Start reading The Indy. Unsure of the awesome (and sometimes ridiculously named) course offerings for next year? There’s a Mocha for that. Dying to know if Brown students are actually as nice and caring as everyone says they are? That’s what Brown University Compliments is for. Need to check out your class? Hail Mark Zuckerberg! There’s an Official Facebook Group for admitted students. Check out five simple reasons why Brown is great after the jump.

1. Happiest Students: If you didn’t stalk Princeton Review’s life, you may not know that the college guide considered Brunonians among the happiest students in the country. Now, before you write this off as some arbitrary ranking, as any critically-thinking student would, remember that we beat out a certain 8-month summer camp in Claremont

2. The New Curriculum: It’s not so new anymore, but it’s still awesome. With no requirements outside of one’s concentration and an S/NC (pass/fail) option for any class you take, the New Curriculum is the ultimate exercise in academic freedom for the intellectually curious mind. Freed from the shackles of distribution requirements and grade stress, you’re able to take risks, have fresh academic experiences and genuinely embrace a love of knowledge. Sincerity’s a specialty here at Brown.

3. Shopping Period: Imagine yourself in the middle of a shopping mall, surrounded by many different stores with many more items inside each. Now imagine two weeks during which you can try out any item in the store, see how you like it and then decide whether or not you want to take it. Replace items with courses and you’ve got Shopping Period. When roughly 10,000 tuition dollars go toward each class, this period of test driving is very important.

4. Pax-on-Pax-on-Pax: The 19th president of the University, President Christina H. Paxson, took the reigns this past July. A former professor of economics and public affairs at Princeton University as well as dean of the Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs, Paxson is an absolute baller. In her first year, she has already done great things and has tons of great plans in the works: she recently emphasized her commitment to the liberal arts education, as well as her dedication to making financial aid, student housing, and athletics among her top priorities for student accessibility and student life, respectively. Needless to say, you’re in great hands. You’ll also love her scarf.

5. Chicken Finger Friday (CFF): Not as serious as the prior reasons, but just as important. This meal, served weekly at the Verney-Wooley Dining Hall, is an absolute revelation. Crispy, juicy, salty and terrible for you beautiful, CFF marks the start of the weekend and is the perfect reward for five days of hard work. For vegans and health nuts, the vegan nuggets offer a suitable alternative, because in the end, everything’s just a vessel for dipping sauce.


For those of you who are on the fence about attending Brown, or just want to enjoy the college as much as possible before September, ADOCH is a great opportunity to visit campus, meet people and learn about… everything. Also, check out BlogDailyHerald for more prefrosh news (or just to get a feel for everyday Brown life). From the Blog staff, congrats again!

(Ed.- This is a slightly altered version of the post we put up on Decision Day 2012. Hey, it’s Spring Break…)

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  1. Emily Kirkland

    I love Brown so much, and I’m so excited to welcome the class of 2017! That said, it’s not quite true that Paxson is universally beloved. She’s refused to take steps to divest the university’s endowment from coal, despite immense pressure from students, faculty and alumni who don’t want Brown to be profiting from this dirty industry. Similarly, she’s refused to cut the university’s contracts with Adidas despite the company’s repeated labor violations. The good news is that Brown students are persistent, creative, and smart, and we’ll continue pushing Paxson and our university to do the right thing! That’s one of the best reasons to choose Brown (along with the Naked Donut Run, of course.)

  2. M

    Fine, except that Paxson is universally derided by those who care about what she does (which is very few of us, apparently). I love Brown as much as the next person, but Paxson has done almost nothing “great” in her tenure as president and has consistently shut herself off to campus activists. I understand that we love our school and that entails a certain mindless adulation but… eh.

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