Bring Seth Rogen and Craig Robinson to Brown!

Like Superbad? The Office? Pineapple Express? Comedy? Happiness?!

Let’s team together to bring Seth Rogen (this guy) and Craig Robinson (this guy) to campus! One lucky school will have the chance to bring to campus an early screening of “This Is the End,” presented by none other than Rogen and Robinson. The movie tells a hilarious tale of the apocalypse featuring many comedic Gods and Goddesses: James Franco, Paul Rudd, Mindy Kaling, Jonah Hill, Jason Segal, and Emma Watson.

How do we make this dream a reality? Visit Eventful’s competition page here, click “Find Your College,” vote, and share the link with all of your friends (virtual friends and some pets count)! We are currently in 30th place. C’mon Brown! We can do so much better than that! Seriously though, let’s make this happen … please.

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