It’s never too early to look at Spring Week weather

Though the Groundhog was criminally off this year, that won’t stop us from gathering all available clues for Spring Week’s weather. Since rain on the day of a concert automatically causes late performances, general sadness, and near-Armageddon, we need to be sending all the good-weather (bish-don’t-kill-my) vibes we can to the sun god. Fortunately, the Farmers’ Almanac can at least attempt to prepare us for what’s coming:

farmers alamanc

Now, since experts have generally rated the Almanac’s accuracy rate as about “zero,” I say we can pick and choose what we take from this report. I’m loving the prediction for the 16th-19th and am going to assume that lovely weather will stick around an extra day. Who cares if it rains for Binder?

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