The Herald brings you further into the 21st century with data science

Screen shot 2013-04-05 at 2.26.58 PMAs The Herald moves further and further into 21st century, we’d like to bring you our next development in online journalism: our incredible, brilliant data science team (aka, the future Nate Silvers of America).

For the first data science project, Herald Data Science Editor Andersen Chen ’14 and Data Science Contributor Marvin Arroz ’14 have created a beautiful interactive graphic that compiles 28 years worth of data from the Brown’s Office of Institutional Research on all the concentrations Brown offers and how they’ve changed over time.

You can use the interactive graphic in two modes:

  • “Line” is the default view, which plots the number of concentrators in a particular concentration over time with a solid line.
  • “Area” mode stacks the data, allowing you to see more clearly trends involving related concentrations. The thickness of a colored band in a given year is proportional to the number of degrees completed in the concentration that year.

Want to see changes in just your concentration? Select the name of a concentration to see only its data. Click on checkmarks for others to compare multiple concentrations. Once you’re ready to switch back to viewing all of them, click on a highlighted concentration again.

You can also use your cursor to hover over any line and the see the number of concentrators in a particular concentration for a particular year and trace the growth or decline of any one concentration.

Some interesting trends The Herald found in the data and outside reporting:

  • The 10 most popular concentrations represent more than half of all degrees. (Brown offers a total of 79 concentrations.)
  • Econ has seen rapid growth, with many students citing job security after graduation as a reason for concentrating in it.
  • Sociology has seen a decline in the past few years, but may be back on the rise.
  • As the study of neuroscience has gained traction nationally, the neuroscience concentration has also grown at Brown.

We hope this makes our weekend as exciting as it has made ours, and look forward to more awesome work from The Herald data science team.

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