Spring Weekend Artist Profile: Big Freedia

Freddie Ross, better known as “Big Freedia” (pronounced Freeda), began her career around 1999 and released her first album Queen Diva in 2003.  Big Freedia identifies as a female.  In a recent interview with BuzzFeed, she stated: “I am a movement; I am an icon. I represent gays and lesbians all over the world. It’s about people expressing themselves without being judged or put in a category.” This is Brown, so obviously we’re into it. Hailing from New Orleans, Big Freedia is known for popularizing the genre of bounce music- a subgenre of hip-hop characterized by its “call and response” style structure. We can expect some audience participation.

Big Freedia first gained mainstream exposure in 2010 with her album Big Freedia Hitz Vol. I.  She’s known for her hypersexual lyrics, scantily-clad backup dancers, and unreal twerking abilities.  As someone who’s irrationally fascinated by the art of twerking, I cannot even express how excited I am for what should truly be an outrageous performance. Her lyrics are non-sensical and repetitive, bordering on chants, but it’s all the better for gettin’ down. This is dance-y dance music. Check it out after the jump…

(Warning: you may want to consider blocking your screen from conservative spectators)

“This is my year,” the Queen Diva stated recently.  “It’s the Chinese Year of the Snake, which I am, so it’s definitely my year to make things bigger and better.”

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