A Cool Thing You Shouldn’t Miss: The Brown Folk Festival is this weekend


Before campus gets completely overrun by nervous high school seniors for ADOCH, unwind a little at the Brown Folk Festival. Perfectly timed with this bizarrely sudden start of spring, the festival is this Saturday, the 13th from noon until midnight. Assuming that the weather stays as lovely as it has been, the festival will start on Lincoln Field Simmons Quad and move to Sayles at 6 p.m. Beyond the awesome music and the opportunity to show off your folksy dance skills, there will be local food and craft vendors, awesome student designed t-shirts on sale, and jam circles.

Check out what acts from all over New England this FREE concert features after the jump.

  • Gill Moss: An eccentric folk rock band.
  • Chasing Blue: A bluegrass group from Berklee College of Music.
  • Kyle Carey: A female folk singer influenced by Gaelic tradition.
  • Smith & Weeden: “Dirty Country meets early 70’s Stones.”
  • Singer-Songwriter in the Round: Local singer-songwriters.
  • Second Hand Suits: A folk/blues/gypsy jazz group of four men.
  • The Sugar Honey Iced Tea: Providence women and American traditions
  • Vudu Sister: They sing “songs of death, the dying, the dead, murder, sadness, and insanity.” It should be uplifting.
  • Tallahassee: They hope to “pioneer uncharted sonic territory.”
  • Mighty Good Boys: Rock & Roll and Appalachian folk.

There are also going to be some great student bands, such as the beloved ARR!!!, Gano St. Jumpers, and Gouda, so make sure you go to support your fellow Brunonians! Check out the Folk Festival website for the order.

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