FALL2013: Course Superlatives


Right now, the only class that most of us plan on shopping anytime soon is SUMR2013: Introduction to Tanning. But preregistration for the fall semester is in just a few days, and the only course in my cart is WTF0010: Am I doing with my life? Fortunately, Brown professors are also into coming up with clever course titles, making the process of searching through Banner’s offerings much more entertaining.

I looked through all—yes, all—2000+ courses listed for next fall, and while I can’t tell you how to fit all those pre-med requirements into your schedule, I can definitely tell you the courses that are the MOST…

ENGN1930N: Introduction to Magnetic Resonance Imaging
CLPS1490: Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging: Theory and Practice

…identical twinning
POLS0820D: Freedom
POLS2350: Freedom

ARCH0270-S01: Troy Rocks! Archaeology of an Epic

…difficult to convince parents to spend tuition on
ENGL1762A: Perverse Cinema
TAPS1281Q: Introduction to Dance Studies: Sex, Death and Endurance

…oddly specific
AFRI1630: Modernist Africana Poetry of the Americas
SANS2120: The Development of Yoga and Sāṃkhya in Early Indian Thought

…deceptively easy-sounding but really 2000-level
MATH2510: Algebra

…big words
PHIL2300A: The Epistemic Significance of Etiology
GEOL1240: Stratigraphy and Sedimentation

…intentionally not translated
FREN1310A: “French Lovers”; Séduction et libertinage sous l’Ancien Régime
HISP1370V: Mujeres Malas

…relevant to Harvard legacies
ENGL2561F: “This is what you were born for”: Optimism and Futurity

…relevant to the reason we would fail this class
CLPS1580B: Visual Attention

…relevant to the mood during finals week
MUSC1661: Death and Dying

…explicitly interdisciplinary
ENGN1931E: Writing Science
ENGL2900R: Neuroaesthetics and Reading

CLPS1200: Thinking

…excited for Heavy Petting
CLPS1180A: Canine Behavior

…excited for no particular reason
FREN1510C: Advanced Oral and Written French: A table!

…desired power-up in Temple Run
BIOL1520: Innate Immunity

…relevant to Spring Weekend
PHP1540: Alcohol Use and Misuse
ANTH1880: From Magic Mushrooms to Big Pharma: Anthropology of Drugs
ENGL0300J: Altered States

HIST1973M: Outside the Mainstream

ANTH0066J: So You Want to Change the World?

…infuriating to Jesse Watters/Glenn Beck
HIST1972H: Sex, Power, and God: A Medieval Perspective

And finally, if you’re feeling bad about your social life because you’ve been spending so much time on Banner,

…likely to make you feel better about your night in
HIST1978I: The Social Lives of Dead Bodies in China and Beyond

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