Life at the bottom of the housing lottery list: An interview with Neha Verma ’16 (also known as number 790)


A while back, Wesleying—BlogDH’s incredibly snarky equivalent at Wesleyan—interviewed the  person with the worst number in the school’s GRS (the equivalent to our housing lottery). We loved what we read and thought the concept was brilliant, so we threw polite caution to the wind and reached out to the person with the worst number in our dreaded housing lottery, #791, for an interview. Unfortunately, she’s going abroad next semester, so she’s no longer in the lottery. We moved one sad number up the list and managed to snag an interview with the person with the next worst number: Neha Verma ’16. Her number? #790. Did your heart just sink? Because all of ours did. Luckily, Verma has a good attitude despite living every Brown student’s nightmare.

Where do you live at the moment?
West (Hotel) Andrews 305. I have a walk-in closet I have converted into a coffee shop and a window that looks out over the courtyard.

Where were you when the lottery results were posted?
At home in Texas, talking to friend who also goes to Brown on the phone. I saw a someone on Facebook asked me how the housing lottery was going and I thought maybe I got a good number? But I kept on scrolling and I couldn’t find my name. Finally, my friend on the phone said “type your name into search box,” and it took me straight to the bottom.

What was your initial reaction?
1) I am gonna get so much for shit for this from my friends, so I better brace myself.
2) Of course this would happen to me.

Do you hate Dean Bova (Dean of Residential Life and Dining Services)?
No, I don’t even know who that person is. He (she?) wasn’t responsible for putting me at the bottom of the list; a computerized program was.

If you could photoshop Dean Bova in any unfortunate situation (being annihilated by the Bergenator, being attacked by the dragons from Game of Thrones, etc.) what would it be?
I don’t do that. I don’t envision people’s faces getting burned off by dragons when I’m sad; I eat my feelings instead. How about Dean Bova taking me out to Kabob and Curry?

Screen Shot 2013-04-15 at 11.15.03 PM
L-R: What she envisions; what we envision.

Needless to say, she is much nicer than the staff of BlogDH.

In accordance with BlogDH’s recent Frosh-cessities post, which place would be your top preference for rooming next year?
I didn’t realize it was satirical until I got further into the post. But hey, I could totally live in the SciLi. I take naps on the 13th floor between the bookshelves all the time. If I had to choose a place from the article, I would say Leung Family Gallery…but a Chipotle Burrito is a close second so that I can continue to eat my feelings.

Are you going to show up for the housing lottery?
Yes. I feel like if you don’t go, you miss an opportunity to see what’s available; also, you get higher placement in summer assignment if you show up.

Any advice for your fellow unfortunate souls?
The people you go into the housing lottery with are people that you don’t have to live with.

Any plans for next year’s housing lottery?
I hope to be a part of a huge group and maybe try to live off-campus, but I hear there is a wait list. Maybe French or Spanish housing?

 How would you say this has affected your life?
[blank stare… ] It’s given me lots of anxiety and stress, perhaps some physical ailments too. But I’ve found that introducing myself by talking about my plight is a great way to make new friends. It cheers people up when I explain my situation after they come to me to complain about their housing lottery number.

How do you feel about #791 dropping out of the lottery?
WHAT?! HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?!… How did this bad luck even happen?!

Awkward … BlogDH did not mean to drop that bombshell on poor Neha.

Funniest reaction you’ve gotten?
“See you in Perkins” is the new hello for me.

Any special plans for the housing lottery on Tuesday?
Go to Chipotle (my future home) and eat my feelings. Apparently some people are hosting a party for me afterwards with a banner and gluten-free cake, so I am very appreciative of that.

Final thoughts?
If anyone wants to switch spots with me… I’m fun, energetic, I like long walks on the beach and listening to classical jazz music…?

Everyone on BlogDH wishes Neha the best of luck.

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