The best advice I ever got (about Spring Week), Vol 6.

This. Lots of this.

This. Lots of this.

Booze by night, bagel by morning, beer by day. Rinse and repeat.

One of the most important (and often forgotten) nuggets of wisdom regarding Spring Week(end) is to remember to eat.  You won’t have the energy necessary to get through these action-packed days (or the ability to keep all of that alcohol down) without some sustenance. No, the wheat in your beer can’t be substituted for real bread. It may seem difficult to find time to chow down between the Carnival/Bouncy Castle/Slip n’ Slide/Concerts, but it needs to be done! To save you from having to do actual thinking and planning this weekend, we’ve compiled a list of places and times at which to eat:


Wake up, EAT (then drank). The key to keeping the stomach settled is grease, grease, and more grease. Head to Louis for some grubby yet delicious diner breakfast, and load up on the bacon and hash-browns. Then order a few pitchers of Mimosas to reverse all the hard work of the grease – it is Spring Weekend, after all.

In the event that all of your favorite brunch joints are completely packed, head to Bagel Gourmet Ole, located at the top of Thayer, for something quick and satisfying. Grab bagels-to-go with your friends and head to the nearest green for a hungover picnic. BYOB.


Chipotle, Au Bon Pain, food trucks – all quick and easy. Get it to go and eat on the Main Green to avoid missing out on any of the action.


A sugar rush may be in order by the late afternoon. If the lines at the food stands on the Main Green look too daunting, take a trek up Thayer and stop at one (or all) of the following:

-Meeting St. Cafe for cookies the size of your head. Carbs and sugar are your two best friends.

-Froyo World/Ben & Jerry’s

-Food trucks (man, these things are clutch this weekend).


FRATTY IN THE RATTY!  Can you tell we’re excited about this? Go for the socializing, stay for the food. If you’re feeling something a little more low-key, try Nice Slice or Antonio’s. Again, grease is good.

There’s no shortage of food this weekend, and therefore no excuse not to eat. Eat, drink, eat, repeat.

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