Chow Down Brown: Food vendors on the Main Green during Spring Weekend


BlogDH cares. We care about y’all, and so we urge you to eat before, during, whilst drinking (if you are of age and choose to do so, of course) during Spring Weekend. Regardless, according to everyone who’s anyone (Spring Weekend still confuses me, but, like, I’m over it) staying fueled is key. We’ve covered all the off-campus options, but let’s take a look at what BCA hooked us up with on the Main Green. I chatted with one of the “cultural norm loving hipsters” of the BCA—yes, someone actually used this phrase in one of the post-ticket fiasco e-mails—who gave me the 411.

Straight from Thayer:

  • Ben & Jerry’s: Cones on cones on cones.

The works of Wickenden:

  • Duck & Bunny: Holy crap—does this mean CUPCAKES? (Ed.-You bet it does.)
  • Taste of India: The thought of Indian food is kind of making me nauseous, but to each his/her own.


  • New England Lemonade: Nothing quenches thirst quite like a massive cup of sugar.
  • Domino’s: If you’re too __(insert adjective here)__ to walk to Nice Slice and/or Antonios.  SW challenge: sample all three?
  • Frenchy’s: Sorry, this isn’t bootleg Plouf Plouf. Frenchy’s is your go-to for popcorn, candy apples, cotton candy, and sno-cones. Unsure why Frenchy’s sounds so familiar? Yeah, that’s right! You most definitely saw them at WaterFire! Throwback Thursday!
  • Mexico: Mexican. You know the deal. Unsure how I feel about this.

Thanks, BCA!  See you OUTSIDE!

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