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Just because Providence doesn’t have any professional sports teams, per se (sorry, Bryant University Field Hockey), doesn’t mean you can’t get the top-level experience with limited investment. For a $20 round-trip train ticket, a $10-ish bleacher seat, and whatever the opportunity cost is of taking five hours of your time (thousands of dollars, I’m sure), you can attend just about any weekday Red Sox game. That’s what I did yesterday, since you asked. It was great.

If you’re going to Boston, the Amtrak Acela is a bit on the pricier side ($15-$35, depending on the train and the time), but if you have work to get done, it’s the way to go. They have almost-21st-century amenities, like outlets at every seat and semi-functional Wi-Fi, and they can get you from Providence to Back Bay Station in 55 minutes. Fenway is about a 20-minute walk from Back Bay, but if you’re a real badass like we were, you’ll take the PediCab and save a little time. The PediCab, for those unfamiliar, is the bike-cab. It is a little bit awkward, and they don’t tell you how much to pay, just a “tip range.” But they are not so happy if you lowball them.

We actually got free tickets for Wednesday’s game, because we bought tickets to Tuesday’s game, and Tuesday’s game was such a disaster (13-0 Red Sox loss, rained out after seven innings) that the Red Sox re-issued those tickets. Pretty cool. I should note that I’m actually an Oakland A’s fan, and I was going because they were in town. The only notable things that happened during the game were 1) my friend and I unsuccessfully trying to do homework during the first inning and 2) some guy behind us picking a fight with me for supporting the A’s and “having my parents pay for college.” I told him I was sorry I was smart, and then he made me tell him my SAT score. It was not my proudest moment.

The Red Sox won. We left early to catch the train back to go to the library and finish our City Politics papers–yeah, I move in the hippest crowds. We took the PediCab back to the train station, and we saw Anderson Cooper and Wolf Blitzer walking around during our ride, which was pretty cool. They were filming a segment on the marathon bombings, which were less cool. We took the MBTA back to Providence, which costs $10, or $9 if you are proactive enough to buy your ticket from a real person instead of an iPhone app. There are fewer outlets, shittier Wi-Fi, and we had to sit three-to-a-seat with my friend, me, and an unhappy female commuter. Sucks for her.

And that was basically it. If you haven’t done a Red Sox game yet while at Brown, I recommend it. Maybe wait for your hometown team to come to Boston, as I did, and then splurge for the cheap-ass bleacher seats on Stubhub. It’ll be worth it. You might even see Anderson Cooper.

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  1. clarification

    Just so you know, the Amtrak Acela is actually $34-51 and takes 30-40 minutes depending on what time you go (it’s the high-speed train with fewer stops). The Amtrak Northeast Regional is what is $14-35 and that normally takes 40-45 minutes. Also, you can take the Green Line from Copley Square next to Back Bay Station to Fenway or Kenmore Square which will take very little time and cost $2.00 if you have a Charlie card (they’re free and I recommend them if you like going around Boston) or $2.50 if you don’t.

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