This week in The Herald: Silent Violence series


This week, The Herald published a four-part series, “Silent Violence,” examining the experiences of victims and accused perpetrators of sexual assault at Brown. Though the topic of sexual violence on college campuses has recently dominated national news, there has not been a thorough discussion of how sexual assault plays into life on College Hill.

The first article in the series, “Under the surface: Sexual assault at Brown,” takes an overarching look at the culture on campus, focusing on the effects gender, alcohol and drug use, and differing definitions of consent have on students’ perceptions of sexual assault and those who experience it. This article also introduces a few of the victims whose stories the later articles cover in greater depth.

The second article, “Victims of sexual assault confront challenges of reporting,” offers a more detailed narrative of students who have been sexually assaulted at Brown, examining their experiences with various steps in the University’s systems for reporting and prosecuting sexual misconduct cases.

The third article, “Sexual misconduct disciplinary process alienates accused,” lends voice to those who have been accused of sexual misconduct and investigates the University’s standards for determining guilt in such cases.

Today’s article, “Victims navigate aftermath of sexual assault,” accounts the psychological, social and academic ramifications of sexual violence on those who experience it. This final story ends with an account of where the victims the series has followed are now, leaving the issue open — and, we hope, inspiring further discussion on campus about the issue of sexual assault, the University’s standards of offering support and prosecuting cases and the challenges individuals who have undergone these processes face. While today is the last day of Herald print publication, we welcome your continued comments both on our website and over email,

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