Student startup spotlight: iFlip4

Brown’s well-known association with philanthropy is about to receive a digital upgrade.

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Welcome to iFlip4, a charitable startup created by Brown student David Ellmann that “wants to start conversations about topics that go untouched on most days, to bring the world of philanthropy to young people, and have them confidently enter it alongside their peers.” The startup, which launches May 3rd, promotes charitable causes in two ways: via its clothing brand, which will donate half of its profits to charities determined by the buyers (for reference, Blue State Coffee donates two percent of its profits), and by operating a social network dedicated to promoting philanthropy among users. The site will be accessible to both everyday users and charities wishing to promote their work.

Interested in finding out more? The project has received funding via the Swearer Center’s prestigious Starr Fellowship and will celebrate its launch on May 3 with an event on the Main Green. Students will be able to sign up for the service, make donations, receive t-shirts, and even enjoy a game of capture the flag. The event is slated to make Brown the ambitious startup’s launching point among college campuses, which is only fitting for a school at which philanthropy and entrepreneurship are becoming increasingly intertwined.

Check out the startup’s nifty beta website here.

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