Battle over the spicy with makes local news

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College Hill is used to food wars, but when the sacred spicy with is involved, people get particularly agitated. For the last few months, the University has been battling popular food delivery startup Crunchbutton about its delivery of the fiery chicken sandwich. Yesterday, Rhode Island local news channel NBC 10 got in on the hype, and has officially dubbed the case “Brown University vs. Food Delivery Startup.”

Originally, Crunchbutton required students’ ID numbers to order a spicy with from Jo’s, prompting the University to hand the company a cease-and-desist letter. But students refused to cease-and-desist from the convenience of getting the late-night favorite delivered to them anywhere on campus, so Crunchbutton decided to outsource the spicy with. It got the local Mirano Grill and Pizza to recreate the sandwich and named it the “spicy wiff,” with the hope that this only partially plagiarized name would keep the University off their back.

But it doesn’t end there: Brown’s lawyers are still contacting Crunchbutton, and the case of the spicy with could turn into a full-blown lawsuit at any moment. And when it does, NBC 10 is ready to dig up the story. So far, they’ve discovered that… Brown won’t respond for comment. But NBC 10 is on the case, because they know that whatever happens, nothing can keep us away from our hand-delivered spicy withs/wiffs/weeth.

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  1. George

    I don’t understand why Brown cares if someone delivers food to their students on campus. I go to a different college and I wish we had some sort of delivery option like this for our food.

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