Chow Down Brown: Top 5 reasons to be a fan of Gourmet Heaven

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As a senior, I’ve seen a lot of bars and restaurants come and go throughout my four years on the Hill. Liquid Lounge was replaced by the English Cellar Ale House. Toledo, the infamous pizza-in-a-cone restaurant, was replaced by Sahara Hookah. Chipotle replaced Roba Dolce  some random restaurant that had no customers. And Marley’s was replaced by Hercules Mulligan’s (until that too closed).

On Monday, Gourmet Heaven opened, replacing Via Via in terms of its location, and replacing surpassing Tedeschi in terms of its purpose. Within 48 hours of opening its doors, the specialty food store has gained widespread approval, and I’ll even go as far as to say endless amounts of love, from Brunonians.

If you haven’t been yet, remove yourself from the rock (Rock?) you’ve clearly been living under and go check it out for yourself. And, if you’ve already graduated, I’m sorry to say this so bluntly, but you missed out. Even the opening of Froyo World doesn’t even compare to this newest addition. Though there are hundreds of reasons to be a fan of Gourmet Heaven, here are the top 5:

1) Fresh produce: Sick of only eating bananas and apples at the dining halls? Gourmet Heaven has a selection of berries, sliced melon, grapes, and other fruits in addition to organic veggies.

2) Wide variety: It’s astonishing how much they can pack into that relatively small store. From Chobani yogurts to Solo cups in all the colors of the rainbow, Gourmet Heaven knows how to diversify its options.

So many options at Gourmet Heaven.

So many options at Gourmet Heaven.

3) Location: It’s perfect for Pembroke kids, especially when the V-Dub closes and the Gate hasn’t opened yet. For people who live a little further, it’s still worth the walk to Meeting Street.

4) Cost-effectiveness: It’s shockingly not overpriced, despite its convenient location. Both the prepared foods and the groceries are reasonably priced, especially considering that a meal at the Ratty is $14.70 for dinner (if you’re off meal plan).

5) It’s open 24/7: I’m pretty sure the battle over the spicy with is going to become a moot point. Why go to Jo’s when you can go to Gourmet Heaven?

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