The Main Green Spring Scene Checklist

(BlogDH) Main Green Checklist
Go outside. Like, right now. Spring might have decided to show up fashionably late this year, and we might still be a bit bitter from the overcast Spring Weekend. But the sun is out, the grass is soft, and it’s socially acceptable to take off clothing during the day.

On a day that’s as nice as today is, here’s what you should be doing:

1. Iced, iced coffee

If you’re not drinking liters of iced coffee, you’re doing it wrong. Because, seriously, who’s going to need Flex Points in two weeks from now? Alternatively, find out when fresh baked cookies come out of the Blue Room oven and attack like a cloud of descending locust.

2. Throw a frisbee.

Or, if you’re like me, get hit by a Frisbee.

3. Get a farmer’s tan…

… and then lose it. Let’s lose those shirts and show some skin. Who cares if you’re shivering because it’s just a few degrees too cold for your outfit? Refuse to put on a sweatshirt because you look too damn good.

4. Lounge on the statue.

Props if you can find a comfortable position. If you’re feeling real adventurous, lounge in Circle Dance, like a sun-tanning-séance.

5. Juggle/hackeysack/slackline.

If you can’t juggle classes, at least you should learn how to actually juggle.

6. Offer/share a beer with new friend.

By the way, I’m a great person to be friends with. Break out the better stuff—it’s time to be (more) classy… not shwasty.

7. Blow bubbles, eat cake, eat lunch outside, smell the magnolias, lounge on your towel-turned-picnic-blanket, text everyone you know to come, skip class, pretend to read, say hi to a passing tour group, go barefoot until your feet are muddy, smoke near a faculty member and maybe offer them a hit, find a friend who plays ukulele and sing Corinne Bailey Rae.

Yeah. All of that.

8. Play with animals.

Because you’ve really never seen a fluffier bunny or a happier corgi. (Sorry, Heavy Petting was two days ago.) And then when you’re done, maybe play with other people’s small children (in the not creepy way).

9. Don’t litter. Just don’t.

We will write a very passive aggressive PSA.

Enjoy the beautiful weather!

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