DogDailyHerald, Vol. 3

Finals have rolled around again, which means our cravings for scruffy dogs’ luv are at an all-time high. Unfortunately, we can’t literally give you dogs to cuddle, but we hope this installation of DogDH will tide you over until you track one down yourself. Keep the pics coming to, and keep killing it in your end-of-semester shenanigans. We love you and you’re magnificent and you’re all doing great. (That’s what we imagine dogs would say if they could talk.)

John’s dog, Lach.

John Qua ’13: Both Lach and JQ “have long flowing blond locks, can devour inordinate amounts of ice cream, and prefer to be laying in people’s laps.”

Mary-Evelyn’s dog, Puppy.

The story of Puppy’s arrival in Mary-Evelyn Farrior ’14’s family is the best: “He showed up on our doorstep two years ago and has just stuck around ever since. He is the love of my life. This Halloween costume always kills me. He was also ironically stung by a bumblebee and had a severe allergic reaction on that very day. Although we lack great physical similarities, Puppy and I share an affinity for sleeping and snuggling that makes us rather alike in character.”

Ilyas’ dog, Lucky.

Ilyas Khimani ’13: “This is Lucky. We’ve recently become obsessed with french macarons.”

Jessi’s dog, Bodhi.

Jessi Lipschitz ’06: “We both like sleeping, playing outside (especially on the beach and in the mountains), and cuddling. And we’re both excessively talkative.”
[Side note: I’m Bodhi’s nanny, and we’re similar in that we both weigh over 100 pounds and are super sad I’m graduating.]

Kimberly's dog, Cassie.

Kimberly’s dog, Cassie.

Kimberly Wachtler ’13: “This is my dog, Cassie. We’re both Geminis and in need of a nap.”

Ashton’s dog, Ginger.

Ashton Strait ‘13.5: “Ginger and I were (RIP puppy) alike in that we are both blonde and make this face in photos.”

Maya's dog, Kelly.

Maya’s dog, Kelly.

Maya Chay ’13 (whose other dog has already made her celeb appearance on DogDH): “Kelly and I are both big fans of sleeping with kittens :).”

Cassie's dog, Rugby.

Cassie’s dog, Rugby.

Cassie Pestana ’15: “Rugby and I are both happiest when we’re soakin’ up the sun…”

cassie's dog ange

Cassie’s dog, Ange.

“…and Ange just wishes she could go to school with me (her shirt says ‘My mommy goes to Brown’!)”

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