Everyone should take a look at the Brown Advisors page


Are you having trouble with registration? Are you unable to find a particular classroom? Are you confused on the best way to order a salad at Jo’s, but too embarrassed to consult a friend? There’s now a Facebook page for that: Brown Advisors.

Building off the immense popularity of pages like our very own Brown University Compliments, the Brown Advisors page bills itself as being “created by Meik Leadership as a forum for all advising needs.”

The page was obviously designed with first-years in mind, but any student can ask a question or reply to someone else’s (we’re talking to you, upperclassmen). The anonymous nature of the posting allows you to ask questions you’d otherwise be too embarrassed to ask, while the open nature of the page essentially crowd-sources answers to your question.

The point being: sign up for Brown Advisors, or at least check it out. Whether or not you intend to ask any questions, you may be able to answer someone else’s and make their next trip to Jo’s just a little bit better.

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