5 things every Brown student can learn from Cleverbot


We get it, sometimes college life can be a little stressful. Trying to balance your work, sleep, and social life can be challenging, especially when you throw extracurriculars and other various obligations into the mix. Sometimes you want advice and you need it now. Some of us are tired of nervously waiting on academic advisors, Meiklejohns, family members, and friends to come to our aid. Welcome to the future of instant advising at your fingertips: meet Cleverbot.

Here are some things that we’ve learned from Cleverbot:

1. Your Meiklejohns are your slaves.

Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 6.21.49 PM

2. Everyone loves Gail.


3. After last year’s Big Freedia performance, Spring Weekend will now be a sporting event instead.

spring weekend


4. Brown students have a diverse array of extracurriculars (and might not be human?).


5. And as for the Ratty vs. V-Dub debate, the jury’s still out to lunch.

ratty vdub

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