Sixth Man: Football/Cheerleading


It’s that time of year again: tailgating season. The smell of propane is in the air, crushed beer cans litter parking lots, and fans all across the country eat an ungodly amount of queso dip. This is essentially every American’s dream: violence, alcohol, and sodium. When I made the trek down to the Brown football stadium this Saturday, I had high expectations and I was ready to get my tailgate on. It was the home-opener, the first 1,000 students would get free t-shirts, and it was a beautiful day, so we were bound to get a good turnout, right??? Sort of.

Calling the activities outside of the stadium a “tailgate” is a slight exaggeration. Most of the people mingling in the parking lot beforehand were members of the classes of 1940 through 1950. Something told me that none of them were looking to shotgun a Natty before heading inside. The AARP meeting “tailgate” was a bust, and even though I consumed zero nachos and zero hotdogs, I was unfazed because I still was getting my free t-shirt (#gobruno).

Overall, Brown’s performance on the field was actually pretty impressive. We scored on the first drive of the game, and our defense held the Hoyas in check throughout the first half, giving the Bears a 31-0 lead. Bruno easily held on in the second half and ended up winning 45-7. This final score seems pretty legit, until you look back to the previous match-ups and see that Georgetown is actually HORRENDOUS at football. Saturday was the fourth meeting between the Hoyas and the Bears, and Brown has won all four games. Georgetown’s only win this season came against Davidson, a school whose student enrollment is roughly that of my high school. Good for you, Georgetown.

Running back John Spooney ’14 helped lead the Bears on offense with 102 rushing yards and three touchdowns, two of which came on the ground. Quarterback Patrick Donnelley ’16 also commanded the offense, completing 19 of 27 passes for 197 yards. In case you were wondering,  I was not sitting with a clipboard at the game, we can thank BrownBears for these lovely stats.


For a season opener, this was a good start. Demoralizing an inferior team is always a good way to get people excited, and the sports marketing people ALMOST handed out 500 t-shirts (maybe next time). The game was fun, but if you plan to go to one in the future, don’t expect an “I’m Schmacked”-style tailgate or a very large turnout. Your next chance to support the Bears is on September 28th at 7:30 p.m. at Harvard, which should be a big test for the Bears.

Sidenote: Cheerleaders

The classic accompaniment to any football game is the loud, peppy group of cheerleaders who want you to “be aggressive, b-e aggressive,” and all you want them to do is to “go away, g-o away”. However, Brown’s cheerleaders this Saturday were killing it.  Their bows were tied tight, their kicks were somewhat synchronized, and they even had two routines instead of just one. The six (yes, count them, six) cheerleaders really got things going, and it was apparent that they had been practicing their sign-flipping. Clearly, the 45-7 victory would not have been the same without them.

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