Shit we love: The Moffle


Everything is moffle and nothing hurts.

Around two weeks ago, my friend and I decided to get off College Hill and explore downtown Providence. It was a night of much enlightenment. Firstly, we had agreed to never wait in line for a non-free frat party again, (since we were now sophomores and obviously of elevated comportment) and to simply try new things. Little did we know that the biggest revelation awaited us in a cutesy restaurant called Teriyaki and Korean House. And, it wasn’t even perfectly seasoned teriyaki.

Divine contrivances led us to the moffle. So a small disclaimer first—a moffle is not a fan of Steven Moffat, or some weird naughty type of kiss. It is a Belgian waffle with an exquisite mochi interior. It is both crunchy and chewy and all the right amount of sweet. My moffle came topped with a dollop of cream cheese and raspberry jam, paired with some refreshing green tea ice cream. It was out of this world. One bite of this delectable mushy waffle thing was enough to convince me that the moffle had become my new favorite dessert. I was going at it like a madman; words simply can not do justice to how incredibly yummy this treat was. In that moment, I swear I was infinite… not to mention ardently in love with what I considered my new edible boyfriend (if this is wrong I don’t want to be right). But, all relationships must come to an end so, with a heavy heart, my friend and I bid adieu to this moffle sanctuary and made our way back up the Hill. I still remember the unparalleled euphoria I felt that day, and it’s something that every Brown student should experience at least once in his/her life. However, in the words of California’s sweetheart, “I’ll be back.”

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