Humans of Brown University is back!


In an innovative stupor, we created a new series here at BlogDailyHerald last spring: Humans of Brown University (or HOBU). Based on a fast-growing Facebook page called Humans of New York (HONY), this portion of BlogDH seeks to provide a glimpse into the exquisitely enigmatic minds of students at Brown.

The HONY story: In the summer of 2010, a New Yorker named Brandon Stanton went on a quest to creepily take pictures of families and couples “construct a photographic census of New York City” and for about three years now, he’s been doing just that. Brandon’s posts usually consist of snippets from his conversations with New Yorkers (oftentimes a question along with the subject’s answer) and photos of his subjects. Some of them talk about their current struggles, some about their delights, most often with vignettes.

While our posts may serve a more humorous purpose (what profundities do we really have to impart to each other?), we think it’s an appropriate one at that.

Check out BlogDailyHerald’s “Humans of Brown University” album on our Facebook page. We’ll be updating our album with more humans on the reg.


  1. Brandon Shoosh

    This is the gooshtiestdankest thing Ive ever had

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