Brown Lecture Board opens Speaker Poll (and we want Mindy Kaling)

The Brown Lecture Board opened its Fall Speaker Poll today, overwhelming us with awesome choices like Bill Nye, fresh off a short-lived DWTS tenure, and Guy Fieri, who I guess is still relevant. However, I almost fainted when I opened the link to the poll and saw…

Screen shot 2013-10-04 at 2.51.01 PM

… which means my poll now looks like:

Screen shot 2013-10-04 at 2.38.24 PM

You might know Mindy Kaling from her The Office days, when she stole our hearts onscreen as Kelly Kapoor and behind the scenes as a writer. She left The Office after its eight season to star and be head writer of her own show. The Mindy Project is now in its second season, and is filled with extremely relatable quotes and amazing guest stars. So yes, Mindy’s doing well—so well that we can forget she went to Dartmouth for a hot second and vote for her to be this year’s Fall Speaker.

Mindy has gotten a lot of buzz since her show premiered, and she’s opened up an entirely new conversation on her role as a woman of color in the predominantly white, male world of comedy writing. And she has great style. So, basically, this needs to happen.


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  2. Daniel Moraff

    Why only joke speakers?

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  4. Really?

    Mindy Kaling. She reportedly prefers only on having white male writers for her show. I don’t understand how that can be overlooked.

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