Getting to know your Blog: New writer profiles

This is definitely our team of new writers.

This is definitely our team of new writers.

The start of a new school year is exciting—there are the new classes, the new friends, the new dorm/house, and perhaps most importantly, the new writers on BlogDailyHerald. Superheroes that they are, we figured it was time you got to know all of them. Read on to find out more about the newest members of our squad after the jump.

(BlogDH) Profile Koffler

Scarsdale native Jacob Richard Koffler has been called a “clear and distinct New Yorker,” which he thinks is just a euphemism for people calling him rude. His favorite thing about Brown is similar to his favorite thing about New York, which is that it’s full of risk takers who don’t settle for anything but the best for themselves and their beloved city (or university). Jacob is a “lover of all things seltzer” — he has on many occasions mentioned his appreciation for Polar Orange Seltzer and some have remarked that he “drinks that shit up like he’s an Irish man with marital problems.” You may find Jacob watching Father of the Bride, eating Mexican food or talking about how he never wants to have kids. While as a kid Jacob hated superheroes, his superpower of choice would be the ability to stop time; he believes every issue in the world could be solved with this superpower —Nate Daneshgar

(BlogDH) Profile Daneshgar

LA native Nathan Daneshgar‘s favorite thing to do in his city is “bump to ‘Live and Die in LA’ by Tupac while driving down Sunset.” When asked what his actual favorite thing to do in LA was, he responded that the above response was, in fact, sincere. Other, possibly more legitimate interests, include playing bossa nova guitar, making beats, entrepreneurship, and attending late-night movie screenings in the Hollywood Forever cemetery. Nate defines happiness in three ways: Brown University, Good Will Hunting, and this. —Jacob Koffler

(BlogDH) Profile Asimov
I started to respect Peter Asimov when he tossed an Annie Hall reference into his premiere post on BlogDailyHerald. Since then, it has been an absolute pleasure getting to know Peter: we have bonded over our mutual love of Harry’s sliders, Jeffrey Eugenides’ Brunonian bildungsroman The Marriage Plot, and our shared home turf, the easternmost side of Manhattan. Peter, a senior at Brown, attended The Dalton School before he left the concrete jungle for College Hill. You’re in luck if you run into Peter on a Saturday night, because he has a neat party trick up his sleeve: he can scribe anyone’s name in Sanskrit. If Peter could have any superpower (as if writing in Sanskrit isn’t already a superpower), he would be able to conjure up any kind of food his heart desired at that moment (aka be able to cook). His desired superpower is inspired by the occasional night when he walks into the Ratty and thinks: “boy, the food at the place is really terrible.” And such small portions, am I right? —Edith Young

(BlogDH) Profile Young

If you heard her first name in a roll call, you might think she were a resumed undergraduate eighty-something. If you saw her sauntering down Waterman Street, you might mistake her restrained style for that of a Brown student. And if you’re still making assumptions, you might expect this RISD sophomore to doodle you something pretty. Edith Young would modestly tell you, though, that she can’t draw for shit, and prefers studying film and/or photography to whiling away endless hours drafting or sanding. A New Yorker like all too many of us, she escapes the sultry summers of her hometown amongst the lobsters in Maine, and postponed the pressures of freshmanhood by gapping for a year in Napa and in London, where her summers in Maine served her stationary design internship well. (She hatched the pun too, and if the one on the card isn’t enough for you, be sure to sea the description.) Ever so discontent with Brown-Secure and eager to stay connected, Edith says that her superpower of choice would be to morph into her own WiFi HotSpot. Meanwhile at Blog, she will primarily be covering RISD beat and anything remotely connected to art. —Peter Asimov

(BlogDH) Profile Smyth

If Andrew Smyth could take any three celebrities with him on a desert island, he would have to choose Bjork, Beyonce, and Oprah (whom he once met and provided him with the closest thing he’s ever had to a religious experience). On Saturday nights he can be found curled up in the Rock reading Kafka or twerking with Missy Elliot. At any other time, he can be found singing for the chorus, running, writing for several campus publications, or gardening at his home in Connecticut.  If he could have any superpower, it would be to steal other peoples’ voices, which is defintely the power attributed to Ursula in The Little Mermaid. He would start with Bjork or Beyonce. Probably while they were all together on the island. —Jessica Steans-Gail

(BlogDH) Profile Steans-Gail

Whatever she’s doing right now doesn’t really matter—Jessica Steans-Gail would rather be watching TV. This Chicago native and aspiring comedy writer is a bona fide connoisseur of shows like It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, Gilmore Girls, and Flight of the Concords. She is also a yoga enthusiast and a Mindy Kaling disciple. When she’s not writing about film and TV for Blog, you can find Jessica performing for Out of Bounds or reading screenplays for Ivy Film Festival. She is the proud owner of a slow cooker from Walmart, and she saw R. Kelly at the Pitchfork Music Festival in Chicago this summer. Her superpower of choice would be the ability to convince strangers that she is an old friend (?). On Saturday nights she’s either getting freaky to MIA or tending to her Heath Ledger memorial shrine. Or watching TV, I guess. —Andrew Smyth

(BlogDH) Profile Pasternak

Hannah Pasternak, aka Pastersnacks, is so fly that she literally lives in a town called Tenafly. This Jersey Girl can be picked out of a crowd as the one smacking on gum (spearmint) and pushing her Pro-Pembroke agenda on unfortunate souls. As a self-identified “typical nice Jewish girl,” she furthers that stereotype by claiming that she’d like to have the power of invisibility because she “read it in The Princess Diaries.” Her aura would either be scarlet or white, which pretty much makes her a frisky nun. Hannah—or, as her friends call her, HP—shares no relation to the Chosen One, though she does distinguish herself as a Gryffindor. Original. She would speak in a British accent for the rest of her life if she could, which definitely helps since she wants to concentrate in English (or Literary Arts… or MCM… maybe not). —Naiyah Ambros
(BlogDH) Profile Ambros

Hailing from the big NJNaiyah Ambros is so offbeat that her gel manicure naturally chips in a way that makes it look like an inverse French mani. She identifies as human, Cuban, black, Filipino, and Cherokee Indian, making her totally international but at the same time as American as it gets. Naiyah’s favorite word is despicable (trendy move), and she’s psyched that she has the opportunity to put both nutella and cheesecake chunks on her fro-yo nowadays. Her guilty pleasure is One Direction, and she knows that she should be embarrassed about that. However, she’s also really into Tumblr, so her indulgences go hand-in-hand with that of a typical eighth grader’s. If Naiyah had a super power, she would transport herself places. She would love to go to Tokyo, because “it seems so cool there,” obviously. —Hannah Pasternak

(BlogDH) Profile Bhargava

Tushar Bhargavaor as I like to call him, “the beast from the east”—hails from New Delhi, India. Tushar is a tech wizard who wants to concentrate in Computer Science. On the outside, Tushar seems like a cold and calculated killer (of Java Code that is), but behind that seemingly hard exterior, he is one insightful guy. In one of our conversations, he said, “Happy people are successful, but successful people are not necessarily happy.” OH SNAP. But yeah, Tushar is incredibly smart, loves a great story, and is one deep thinker.  If Tushar could have one super power, he would have the power of teleportation because he wants to get places more quickly (obviously so he has more time have stimulating conversations). —Charlie Sturr

(BlogDH) Profile Sturr

Hart Charles Sturr, or Charlie, hails from Phoenix, Arizona. Apart from the cold, Charlie is looking forward to most things at Brown, even the dreaded CS 15. “It is a little intimidating at first,” he admitted,” but it will get better with time.” This optimistic attitude pervades most of what Charlie does. In fact one his main ‘big picture’ goals is happiness. And he seems to be right on track. Speaking of track, Charlie was part of his high school’s cross country team. At Brown he’s been fending off his arch nemesis—the ‘freshman 15’, by playing pick up soccer and ultimate frisbee every day. Not surprisingly his superpower of choice is ‘super speed.’ Not only would that make his daily sport sessions a breeze, but it would also give rise to fun alliterative sobriquets like ‘Cheetah Charlie.’ Smart choice, Cheetah Charlie. Charlie loves writing funny articles and wants to cover food and sports for BlogDH. So if you happen to see someone sampling food from a new food truck at the next football match and running furiously across the bleachers while taking notes, be sure to say hi to Charlie. —Tushar Bhargava

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