Know your Lecture Board Fall Speaker Poll candidates: Bill Nye the Science Guy

Upon learning that the Lecture Board  Speaker Poll was officially open, one of our writers sprung into action to proclaim that she planned to vote for Mindy Kaling. World War III erupted as both BlogDH staffers and readers alike disagreed with this preference. As such, several members of our team were inspired to action and decided to write pieces advocating for their first-choice speakers. Expect fleshed-out plugs for each candidate from now until the poll closes. It’s like All That‘s ‘Know Your Stars’… except not fake. 

First of all, I have to say Lecture Board did a PHENOMENAL job with this year’s candidates. Sure, Mindy Kaling is pretty cool; Arianna Huffington created one of the most popular news sites of our age, which is okay; Guy Fieri is ignorant about his ‘90s boy-band frosted tips, which is completely amusing; and Sir Ian McKellen was knighted, which I guess is kind of a big deal. But guys… BILL NYE THE SCIENCE GUY.

Make your childhood-self proud.

Seriously, this guy.

Find the reasons why you should vote for Bill Nye the Science Guy after the jump. Seriously, go vote. Right now.

Consider the following

1) Do it for your childhood.

2) Bow ties.

3) He’s a comedian, professor, Ivy League engineer, and a crusader for science. You know you are going to learn something from his lecture. And it’s going to be wonderful.


4) He used to make popcorn at parties in college. You wish you had a friend who did that.

5) He was on Dancing With the Stars. That takes balls.

6) For those of you who need to be reminded, Lecture Board “suggests thinking about individuals who you feel have made and are making substantial, positive contributions to their respective fields, or even those who hold personal influence and are notable speakers.” Yeah, Bill Nye definitely fits that criteria.

In summary, as a great blogger once said, Bill Nye the Science Guy has contributed to the betterment of humanity. He was the guy who would show up on television to tell you how cool your world was. He inspired learning in the Nickelodeon age. He represents the Brown spirit. In Bill Speramus.


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