A Cool Thing You Shouldn’t Miss: ‘In Search of Air’

Lida Winfield performing "In Search of Air."

Lida Winfield performing “In Search of Air.”

Although we are sometimes reluctant to admit it, RISD has cool things going on. One such event is “In Search of Air,” a dance and theatre performance by Vermont dancer, choreographer, and spoken word artist Lida Winfield.

“In Search of Air” chronicles Winfield’s struggles growing up with a learning disability and her ultimately triumphant journey towards literacy, which she achieved in her early twenties. Combining gravitas and humor, Winfield’s piece attempts to explore a group of children thrust to the fringes of society.

“Every child with a behavioral, social, physical or learning disability was tucked in the same room. We were angry children,” Winfield writes on her website.

In typical hipster RISD fashion (although they aren’t as hipster as we are…), this performance piece is interdisciplinary and explores the holes in our ability to communicate, both verbally and nonverbally.

“In Search of Air” is one night only, being performed tonight from 7:00-9:00 p.m. at 226 Benefit Street. Admission is free.

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