Little Victories at Brown: Part 1

(BlogDH) Little Victories

When was the last time you read a newspaper with a front page full of nothing but happy headlines? Couldn’t come up with a single instance? Neither could we. According to research presented on Lifehacker, this barrage of negative news has an alarming side effect on readers, training them to focus on the negatives rather than the positives. For example, a Brown student adapted to this mindset would complain about the stress of midterms and forget about the privilege of actually being here. We get it; it’s hard not to.

BlogDH figured that a literary booster dose of happiness and positivity couldn’t hurt. Taking a cue from Neil Parischa, we present to you the first ten ‘Little Victories at Brown’ in BlogDH’s new series — the ‘small, universal pleasures’ we find around campus that make us the happiest student body in the country.

  1. When this happens: It’s OK to be sad, as the graffiti originally said, but doesn’t it make you feel a little better to be happy? Alas, faith in humanity is restored with a Tumblr-worthy writing on Archibald’s brick walls.

  2. When you use the water bottle-equipped water fountain in Nelson. Not only are you able to avoid the struggle bus with this handy machine, but its counter tells you how many plastic bottles we have spared. When you get to be one of the lucky ones who see the counter change, you feel like you’re essentially saving the Amazon, one ten minute walk on the treadmill at a time.
  3. When people hold the door open for you so that you don’t have to swipe in. Many law-abiding Brown students are reluctant to hold dorm doors open for any stragglers after their RPLs gave the “stranger danger” talk. But then, of course, there are the beautiful souls who do, saving you from the scramble of getting your ID out from the deep and dark abyss of your backpack.

  4. When class ends ten minutes early. If it ended any earlier, it might spark a dark rumination about wasted tuition. Any later, and you would get stuck in a long queue for Chicken Finger Friday. But ten minutes? Just perfect.

  5. When you’re about to eat alone in the Ratty and suddenly spot a circle of your friends. Dining in the Ratty is a rude reminder that our medium-sized liberal arts institution is sometimes larger than it seems. There is nothing better than the moment you fear you’ll have to eat alone (cue the sigh), and are just in the process of hiding behind your laptop, when you spot a group of your friends. You rush to them with arms wide open, ready to embrace the sanctity of communal eating. And then you feel like you truly belong.

  6. When you get an outlet in the Absolute Quiet Room in the Rock, at the Brown Bookstore, or, basically, when you get an outlet anywhere.

  7. When there’s an empty booth in the Blue Room. Now you have your own little corner of the world. You make a home in the smooth silver leather and caress the marble (definitely not marble) tabletop that becomes your dream desk and kitchen all-in-one. There’s a 90% chance you won’t be moving for the next five hours.

  8. When there’s no line for the mail room. Patience is a virtue, and waiting in the mail room for a package takes long enough to test your mettle. You survive the first five minutes. Then ten tick by, and by the time fifteen minutes have passed you fear you’ll become just another statue adorning the Main Green (or in this case, JWW). But some days, there’s no line and then you feel like Speedy Gonzales. “¡Ándele! ¡Ándele!”

  9. When you kick ass in front of a tour by looking like the coolest and happiest college students ever. There is nothing better than a beautiful day on the Main Green when everyone is outside — the juggling club, those people who seem to be physically glued to their guitars, and the people who have thifty-looking blankets to lay on — and, BAM, a tour group walks by. And, as if it was something you’ve been trained to do, everyone shouts “Come to Brown!” Suddenly Brown seems like a fairy tale kingdom where dreams really do come true.

  10. When you read the date on an assignment sheet wrong. It turns out the work is due later than you originally thought. A fortunate accident indeed! Need we say more?


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