Staying afloat in ‘Watters’ World’: A drinking game


Jesse Watters‘ segment on Nudity in the Upspace will air on the The O’Reilly Factor tonight at 8 p.m. Interesting that he’d choose to air the piece on Wednesday night; the man who admitted he’d do nude yoga naturally knows that Brown students would structure their Whisko pregame plans around the watching the long-awaited ‘Watters’ World’ segment. Accordingly, we created a drinking game (below) to help you maximize your Watters-watching experience. If you’re under 21, play an eating game…? Laundry game? We don’t know; just make your own fun.

A warning to those of you playing who are 21 and older: you’re probably going to get very drunk, because all of the things below are definitely going to happen throughout the segment.

  • Drink every time Jesse says “nudity week.”
  • Drink every time he draws parallels between Brown’s tuition and the event.
  • Drink every time he makes a pass at whomever he’s interviewing.
  • Drink every time he uses awkward sound effects.
  • Drink every time he asks what a student’s parent would think about the event.
  • Drink every time he says something douchey (e.g. “How does it feel to be in Watters’ World? Surreal?”)
  • Drink every time he uses the word “pervert.”
  • Drink every time he mentions his own body.
  • Drink every time he sexualizes something that is not even close to being sexual.
  • Drink every time he reacts to something a student says by looking at the camera for approval.
  • Drink every time he aggressively points with his right hand.
  • Black the fuck out if he mentions BlogDailyHerald.

Best of luck. Stay afloat.

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  1. a guy

    I will say, he didn’t rail too hard on it. The kids he featured weren’t caught in their most eloquent moments, but honestly I think he was was just giddy like an old uncle to make some penis puns and joke about naked college students.

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