ICYMI: Nuditygate is over!


Infamous ambush reporter and SexPowerGod attendee Jesse Watters aired his much-anticipated segment on Nudity in the Upspace last night. And the verdict is in…

Not that bad.

Sure, it was classic Jesse Watters journalism. He snarkily edited footage from irrelevant movies in between student interviews. He made fun of students for using phrases like “gender performativity.” (I don’t know what that means, either.) He made one too many dick jokes: “Was your nude scene really small?” “No, it was significant.” Watters STILL referred to the events as “Nudity Week.”

But at the end of the segment, O’Reilly concluded that Nudity in the Upspace was “harmless.” Watters mentioned BlogDH’s Drinking Game (!!!!!) said Brown students were “very articulate and respectful.”

Plus, he took the time to boost one young girl’s self-esteem and body image. Thanks, Jesse. I slept a lot better last night.

Yes, the story of “Brown’s Nudity Week” seems a tad juvenile to be airing on national news. I’m still confused why Bill O’Reilly thinks America needs to know about Nudity in the Upspace. But public nudity in the context of performance is alien to the rest of America. The average Fox News viewer thinks Brown students are know-it-all liberal elites. And while Watters poked fun at Brown, he didn’t portray us that badly. It could have been much, much worse.

Nudity in the Upspace is over. It’ll be back next year. We’ve had our Watters excitement. We rallied behind the creators of Nudity in the Upspace, and proved ourselves to be a loving and supportive community. As much fun as it was getting outraged over his presence on campus, a large number of us still talked to him and agreed to be on television. Alas, it’s back to the midterm grind for us.

I’ve heard Queer Alliance is still sponsoring some sort of party in a month, despite receiving a little bit of bad press a few years ago. Clothing optional.

This time, Watters, you’re not invited.

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