Did you really read Morning Mail? Brown onCall Pilot Program

On Call

President Paxson’s call to ramp up campus safety programs in the wake of a recent spike in crime has landed all students access to Brown University Shuttle (BUS) onCall.  Wave goodbye to the days of waiting for Safe Ride Bear Force One BUS and say hello to the pilot program, which shuttles community members off the beaten path, on their own time.

You probably glanced over this e-mail, but this is HUGE.  The onCall coverage area extends way beyond Brown’s turf. Think all the way east to Blackstone Boulevard, to Wickenden Street; west to North Main, and towards Chase Avenue. Oh the places you’ll go!  While the increase in crime on College Hill does concern us, it is notable that onCall’s boundaries could revolutionize your late-night travels.  Can onCall provide shuttling to our favorite venues? The onCall boundaries say yes, the guidelines say “it is not a taxi service and should not be used as such,” but only time will tell…

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  1. Do they assign someone to hold our hands as we wander around the big bad world also?

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