This week in The Herald: Rhode Island’s high-stakes standardized testing


While October marks the beginning of a seemingly never-ending midterm period on our campus, thousands of Rhode Island high school seniors have spent the past two weeks taking retests of the reading and math portions of the state’s standardized NECAP exam. Currently ineligible to graduate with the Class of 2014, these students hope this month’s scores will fulfill the testing requirement of the “R.I. Diploma Program,” allowing them to graduate alongside their peers in the spring.

This week in The Herald, the City and State section will be taking an in-depth look into the climate of high-stakes standardized testing in the state’s public schools in a four-part series entitled “Testing Success?”

Today’s story explores the history of high stakes testing in the state — from theory to practice — to provide a framework for the second and third articles in the series, which will explore the teacher and student perspectives. On Friday, the series will wrap up with an article examining whether the national trend towards using high-stakes testing to evaluate students and teachers will accelerate or subside in the coming years.

“Testing Success?” hopes to stimulate discussion on Brown’s campus of the Ocean State’s attempts at education reform. Check in here  for series updates all week!

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