Sh*t hits the fan: Another Keeney exclusive

It’s official. We all knew the time would come. We were awaiting this day with bated breath. And now it’s finally here. Bathrooms in Keeney are gendered.

Screen Shot 2013-10-16 at 5.54.01 PM

The new gendered bathroom signs in Keeney.

This issue is divisive among Keeneyites, and while some units have let the new signs be, other floors decided enough was enough, as dissenters whipped out their Sharpies and lined paper and took matters into their own hands.

Brown students are known for their self-expression and creativity, and these vandalized signs don’t disappoint. So, without further ado…

The new (and for some, improved) Keeney signage…

bathroom sign #1bathroom #2bathrooms 3 and 4

bathroom 5

bathroom 6bathroom 7 bathroom pt a million

And when arts and crafts wasn’t enough…

lack of bathroom signage


  1. xoxo

    some of these are adorable (j148-150 is my fav), but WTF @ the ones involving destruction of facilities

  2. As a former Keeney dweller, I am wondering what the impetus was for the gendering of the bathrooms, and how students made the decision to un-gender them. For instance, did students *ask* ResLife for separate bathrooms because, say, they felt uncomfortable and/or unsafe sharing these spaces with people of different gender identities? And similarly, did the students who un-gendered the bathrooms consult with their hallmates?

    As a first-year at Brown I engaged in my fair share of youthful vandalism, but now apparently I’m a crotchety old man.

  3. Spoiled Brats

    Brown Students: rules mean nothing; give us what we want or we break shit. J/K, we’re definitely breaking shit.

    Newsflash: more people are uncomfortable with the neutral bathrooms than are willing to state it openly, because they know that like many others, that opinion will neither popular or tolerated.

  4. Just want to point out, as someone who has removed one of the signs (not in Keeney though): it’s not attached to the wall very strongly and doesn’t hurt the wall.

    The residue you’re seeing is the glue, which sticks out above the wall. Some of it comes off with the sign, some of it doesn’t. It’s even still sticky, so if you found the sign, facilities can (and, in some cases, has) reattach it just by pressing it to the wall again in the same place.

    So there’s no “breaking” happening, and the students probably did what I did and just left the sign in the bathroom for facilities to do with what they will; the removal was to make a point, not to cause damage.

  5. How can you claim that “there’s no ‘breaking’ happening” when the last photograph shows otherwise? In removing the sign, creating damage is a component of ‘making a point’ – that’s why you and others like you do it in the first place. Either way, vandalism is vandalism. If you really wanted to ‘make a point’, you could just as easily do it WITHOUT causing damage.

  6. Keeney Life

    Yea I’m one of the people who took one of the signs. I don’t even care too much about the gender neutral bathrooms. I just wanted a souvenir.

  7. '03

    When I was an undergrad in Keeney, the bathrooms were gendered. And locked. I don’t know if other units had a more open policy, but that’s how we did it, and I was happy for that every time the wrestlers had a stupid party and threw up all over the bathroom.

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