Mediocre Mixology: Apple cider sangria

Treat yo'self

TGI fucking F. After a long week, you retire to your apartment and take a deep breath. It’s time to unwind and prepare yourself for the weekend ahead. You open your fridge, and all you see is Wednesday’s leftover Natty. But no, you’re better than that. So you (attempt to) treat yourself to a nice cocktail—after all, isn’t that what real people do on a Friday night? Luckily, your friends at BlogDH are here to demystify the world of (amateur) dorm room/apartment mixology. Behold: cocktails you can make on a low budget with little time and limited resources. 

TGIF: It’s time to make apple cider sangria!

It’s fall, which means it’s time for all apple everything. If you haven’t checked your Facebook  lately, you should know that everybody and their mom has gone apple picking over the past two weeks. But what do you do when there’s still a half of bushel of apples to get through? Drank. Enter the delicious (and easy to make) apple cider sangria.

Things you’ll need:

Everything you ever needed.

1 large bottle of Pinot Grigio. We used 2/3 of a bottle of Barefoot, but you do you.
2 cups of apple cider.*
1/2 cup brandy
1 tbs sugar (or just add a little more wine…)
1 liter of club soda
Apple slices

*Apparently, they don’t sell apple cider at Gourmet Heaven. Go figure. So like true innovators, we improvised and used 2 cups of Martinelli’s Sparkling cider instead. We like dat bubbly.

Mixology: Pour all liquids (and sugar, if using) into a pitcher and stir. The original recipes calls for cranberries and thyme for garnish, but ain’t nobody got time for that. Use those leftover Granny Smiths to make your drink look fancy.




The recipe also suggests that you chill the pitcher for at least three hours. But it’s Friday night, and you’re on a schedule. So feel free to pour your sangria up, and feel incredibly classy. Enjoy.

Mediocrity: We couldn’t find a bottle opener, so we decided to improvise.

Getting beyond functional fixedness, amirite?

We also had to watch a YouTube tutorial on an iPhone to figure out how to use this wine bottle opener (it was really hard, ok?!?).

We had to watch a YouTube tutorial to figure out how to use this wine bottle opener.

This is definitely the biggest bottle of Barefoot we’ve ever seen. It’s bigger than BearDailyHerald‘s head!

Yep. We’re pretty mediocre. Who cares—own your mediocrity and drink up. The fruits of your labor taste good.

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