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Brown Student Deal at Lupo’s!

Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel is offering Brown students 2 tickets for the price of 1 for the Cold War Kids show (tonight at Lupo’s), Fitz & the Tantrums + Capital Cities (tomorrow at Lupo’s), and Big Freedia (next Wednesday at the Met) if you buy from their box office.

For freshman out-of-staters (or upperclassmen college-hill-billies), Lupo’s Heartbreak Hotel is the wistfully named concert venue a mere stone’s throw from Brown, on Washington Street just past Kennedy Plaza. It’s worth getting familiar with—they draw some pretty big acts to our small state, and charge small prices for tickets to their intimate space. The sister venue, The Met, up in Pawtucket, is even more intimate. (As an aside, Lupo’s intimidating employees  haunt my nightmares—their Kiss-like affect is not just for Halloweek—but they are actually quite genial, and have some great stories to tell.) 

Consider checking out Fitz & the Tantrums with Capital Cities tomorrow night. If you buy your ticket today, with the Brown-student discount, you’ll pay $10 to see two bands that hit it huge this summer (and might have zipped straight over Providence to Boston if they hadn’t already booked the show.) Capital Cities’ new full-length, In A Tidal Wave of Mystery, is best known for the hit single, “Safe and Sound,” but also contains such gems as “Center Stage,” and “Farrah Fawcett Hair” (feat. André 3000), the last of which I’m told—strangely, surprisingly—works well live. Fitz and the Tantrums released More Than Just a Dream this past May, and provide a more roots-based repertoire to complement Capital Cities.


Dogg to Lion to Godzilla; where can he go from here?

Dogg to Lion to Godzilla; where can he go from here?

In the realm of news that isn’t really news, the artist formerly known as Snoop Dog (are there two g’s on that?) and Snoop Lion has announced yet another makeover, hereafter dubbing himself Snoopzilla. No, this isn’t a ploy to rekindle some love in Japan after the cancellation debacle of 2010, nor is it an attempt to eschew his past (“tha dogg is 4ever in me!”), but rather it is a marketing strategy to promote his upcoming release with Dam-Funk, “7 Days of Funk.”

I think more of us should start taking a leaf out of Snoop’s book (or bowl), and allow our names to change more freely with the direction of the wind. The Ratty’s serving up Boeuf au Jus tonight—I think I might ask Gail to say hi to Pierre.

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