Frosh-cessities: 6 things I learned from Family Weekend

(BlogDH) Parents WeekendThey’ve left their care packages. Thayer Street has quieted down. We’ve survived yet another Family Weekend at Brown. As a freshman, I came into this weekend with so many open-ended questions, including: how do I prepare for this? What if they embarrass me? What do I do with them? Now that all is said and done, I must admit that the last few days were, well, pretty awesome. My fridges are stocked, my tummy is full, and my pockets aren’t empty. Getting babied by my mom was kind of nice after a month and a half of pretending to be an adult.

  1. Your cleaning attempts will be in vain. The first thing I heard when my parents entered my room was “I see you bothered to clean.” Wow, thanks. I guess hours of cleaning isn’t enough to fool you impress you, Mom. (It was probably still a good idea to hide the booze, though.)
  2. Bring your orphaned friends along. If your family was able to make it up, you should feel very lucky; some of your friends aren’t seeing their families until Thanksgiving… or even Christmas! So, invite them to dinner, lunch, etc. They’ll appreciate being around your family, even if they are embarrassing. Besides, it’ll be easier to avoid the “have you skipped any classes” question if there’s someone else to divert the parentals’ attention. Orphans-Are-Dangerous_c_127779
  3. The right answer is always “the library.” Where do you study? The library. What do you do on Saturday  nights? Go to the library. Are you seeing anyone? Yes, the library. 
  4. Parents do not equal a dead campus. There are plenty of people who will be turning up having fun whether or not their mommys and daddys are on campus. It’s easy to assume that campus is partyless, but a few quick texts should let you know otherwise. That being said…
  5. It’s okay to miss a night. Miraculously, the frat houses and the roaming freshmen were all still there the next night. It’s very unlikely that you’ll miss anything that good. And besides, what’s a night of partying to a fancy (and free) meal? 
  6. You’re never too cool to hangout with your parents because parents are kind of cool. They’ll be super excited to see you, and who doesn’t like being showered in love? A little (and hopefully, literal) taste of home should always be welcomed. Parents don’t ask for much. Just a weekend of coddling and forced enthusiasm in exchange for a $60,000 tuition! Not to mention, they won’t throw up on your floor, break anything, or eat all your food by the end of the night.

Looking back, all that initial anxiety seems so foolish now! Family Weekend is fun, especially because it reminds us that there’s still tons of weekends without our families left!

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