Tired of Brown-Secure? Let’s start a movement (in three easy steps)

Hey, remember eduroam? You may have noticed that it’s not working as well as it used to. That’s because so many students jumped the Brown-Secure ship that eduroam is sinking, too.

Captain Jack Sparrow

Just like the Jolly Mon!

But our network activities, or unfortunate lack thereof, have clearly been garnering attention from higher up–and it’s not just the NSA anymore. If you took the UCS Fall Poll, you may have noticed the conspicuous question regarding Brown-Secure.

As it happens, CIS was essentially unaware of the problem until Blog put the street knowledge on record, since nobody has been submitting help desk tickets. I’ve sent a couple of those since the original post, and saw results: a new wireless access point in Wilson 302!

Just one of my tickets got a new router installed, which means the possibilities should be pretty much endless if everyone rallies and submits a few valid tickets each. (We realize that in order to submit a ticket, you need Internet… so just make a note of the time and place if you can’t get on another network at the scene of the outage.) If we inundate the help desk, the University will have no choice but to go far away where we can’t find them! fix Brown-Secure once and for all.

The plan.

Here’s how to do it.

How To Submit a CIT Ticket in 3 Simple Steps

  1. Go to this link. Log in with your Brown username and password.

  1. Next you’ll see the following screen:

Since there are a lot of questions, I’ve included a list of sample (though not necessarily ideal) answers below:

Q: Please let us know what type of computer you are using, your computer’s operating system, and which network you are attempting to connect to.    

  1. Type of Computer: Laptop

  2. Computer OS: Ubuntu Linux 12.04 (can you tell I am a CS major?)

  3. Network: Brown-Secure

Q: Do you know if the software for your wireless card driver is up to date?     

No (don’t try to blame this one on me).

Q: What is your physical location (where are you trying to use the wireless network)?   

Everywhere Salomon Center, especially during CS 15 lectures.

Q: When did problem occur?  

12:00 AM – 11:59 PM, every day of the week [specificity counts].

Q: Does the problem occur regardless of which website you navigate to or does it happen whenever you perform any networking task?   

Whenever I perform any networking task (with spotty wireless, it really is a task).

Q: Please provide any additional details relevant to your issue so that we can help to resolve it.

We’re part of the 21st Century. We all need Wi-Fi. Really, really need it.


  1. Click the ‘Submit’ button (I didn’t need to tell you this) and feel proud. You just became part of a movement, one that will hopefully change Brown students’ online experience for the better.

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    The gifs and memes add much value to this article. Thank you for the humour.

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    The IT Ticket system seems to be busted as well. Oh the irony.

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