Made-up Holidays: Mole Day

Paxson makes guac

On October 23rd, my Chem professor asked me what day it was. Today is Mole Day. On this day each year, we celebrate Avogadro’s moly holy number, 6.02 x 10^23. We recommend reading this post accompanied by the Naked Mole Rap. Or this.

Yes, we know that many of you haven’t celebrated Mole Day since you made some guacamole or dressed up as the beloved woodland critter for your seventh grade “Physical Science” class. To jog your memory, a mole is a unit of measurement in chemistry used to quantify the amount of chemical matter in a substance. This sounds pretty important, so let’s incorporate a Brunonian’s two favorite things, witty puns and baked goods, to celebrate Avocado Avogadro day!

Use the following as pick-up lines, conversation starters, or ways to un-impress your professors on this day chock-full of chemical quantities and sh*tloads of guac.

The classic:
Q: What did one mole say to the other?
A: We make great chemistry together.

For tomorrow’s #tbt:
Q: What is a mole’s favorite TV show?
A: Molerose Place, duh.

For looking like the man at tonight’s pregame:
Q: What did the generous mole say when his friends tried to get in on his cab to Whiskey?
A: The mole the merrier!

To make you actually LOL:
Q: Why don’t moles like Rod Stewart?
A: Because he’s a want to be Barry Manimole.

Try this one on your ANTHRO prof:
Q: What was Avogadro’s favorite Native American tribe?
A: The Molehawks.

For the film buff:
Q: What is Avogadro’s favorite line from the Wizard of Oz?
A: “I’m moleting!”

And for the “classic” Brown student:
Q: Why is it bad to tell mole jokes?
A: It’s mole-itically incorrect.

Make some le-mole-ade, some cara-mole cookies, or wear some ca-mole-flage to celebrate Avogadro and his holy moly number. Happy Mole Day!

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