A Cool Thing You Shouldn’t Miss: Animation Show of Shows


As the weekend approaches, and parties entitled “2 Chainz, No Midterms” and “Top Gun: Drink Like You Love Freedom” near, you are bound to need some serious R&R by Saturday evening. RISD’s Film/Animation/Video department has you covered: the Annual Animation Show of Shows will be screened on Saturday, October 26th at 7 p.m. in the RISD Auditorium. No, not this animation show. The Animation Show of Shows features 12 award-winning animated shorts from around the world. The festival is curated by Ron Diamond, the founder of Acme Filmworks, who compiles DVDs of short animated works that are otherwise pricey and difficult to find. You can even purchase DVDs from past shows before and after the screening: each DVD includes three films and goes for $5. Free admission! Open to the public! (Although seating is limited to the capacity of the auditorium.) RISD students who attended last year’s show gave it rave reviews, deeming it “weird, but amazing!”

The show tours all over the country, and Ron Diamond presents it to major animation studios in order to inspire their animators and directors. In the past month, the show has been screened at Pixar Animation Studios, Apple Inc., DreamWorks Animation, Hess Collection Vineyards, and Walt Disney Animation Studios, as well as at a plethora of highly esteemed film schools. The program is co-sponsored by Brown’s Computer Science department.

If you’re in the rallying mindset, stay down the Hill and head to the YTB Zine Release Party at the Expose space on Westminster Street. Maybe you’ll meet a nice girl or boy there (presumably named Marks) who will invite you as their +1 to Artist Ball.

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