This again: When is Halloweekend?


Halloween falls on a Thursday this year. Members of the student body have clashed in contentious debate about when the Halloweekend festivities actually begin. Although deciding when to celebrate may seem easier than it did last year when Halloween fell on a Wednesday, the jury still seems to be out on whether Halloweekend is this weekend or the following weekend. The easy answer is always that it’s both weekends… but before we get down to business and let you pick a side, let us hash out each side of the age-old Halloweekend debate, after the jump.

When is Halloweekend?

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Caitlin: Halloweekend is this weekend (October 25-26).

Is it irrational to have Halloween a full six days before the 31st? Nope.

First of all, BUFF and IFF are bringing us their Halloween movie screening—Hocus Pocus—this weekend. Even a Halloweekend novice would know that Hocus Pocus is the true marker of a Halloween celebration. Bette Midler put a spell on us, and now we have to party this weekend.

Secondly, it is socially unacceptable for Halloween to take place in November. Why?

  • Cable television will air approximately 2 million horror movies during the span of October, but resume business as usual the moment we hit November.
  • It’s acceptable to have a costume party as early as mid-October, but you wouldn’t be caught dead in your Beetlejuice/Robin-Thicke-at-the-VMAs costume in mid-November. (One of them is a man that behaved inappropriately with a much younger girl, and the other is summoned when you say his name three times.)
  • Your SPG outfit on November 2nd does not count as a Halloween costume. Sorry not sorry.
  • Halloween-related foods will be swept aside on 11/1 to accommodate for the American food orgy that is Thanksgiving. The consumer industry would have it no other way. November is reserved for Thanksgiving and only Thanksgiving (which will make for a pretty awkward Hannukah this year).
  • All of the leases for Halloween superstores run out on October 31st (potentially).

Unless you’re dressing up as Patrice Wilson in a turkey costume this year, prepare yourself for this weekend.

Meredith: Halloweekend is next weekend (November 1-2).

Although I’m wont to say that Halloweek should be celebrated for as long as possible, I’m putting my proverbial foot down and taking a side in this age-old debate:

Halloweekend should take place during the weekend that is closest to Halloweekend (i.e., next weekend).

Even this 1993 cartoon agrees with me!

Even this 1993 Fox Kids series agrees with me!

This year, Halloween falls on a Thursday. That should be simple enough, right? Apparently not, so here goes:

Let me start by pointing out that the obligatory Halloween Whisko is on Wednesday, that is, the day before Halloween. It’s Halloween’s Eve. Or Hallow’s Eve’s Eve. I digress.

Let’s say that the majority of people on campus begin celebrating Halloweek on Wednesday. The way in which this would make the most sense would be if Halloweekend were to fall after Halloween itself; that way, we would begin to celebrate on Wednesday and end on Saturday. This means that there will be 4 (+/- 3, depending on your style) consecutive days to celebrate our favorite holiday. You can do it up for four days straight by trick-or-treating, dressing up, drinking… whatever your Halloweek heart desires.

But if Halloweekend were to be this coming weekend, you’d completely lose momentum. You’d celebrate this Friday and Saturday; just as you would begin to hit your Halloween stride, you’d have a brief Halloween hiatus and then have to ramp up to resume activities later on in the week. Monday and Tuesday are notoriously slow; while, sure, there may be some Halloweek events here and there, things won’t really pick up again until Wednesday.

Let me tackle the November issue: who cares if we’re celebrating into November? We’ll be too drunk to care. November 1st and 2nd are still closer to October 31st than October 25th and 26th are. It’s still kind of Christmas when the radio stations continue to play Christmas songs past the 25th… right?

Come on, guys. It's next weekend.

November, Noshvember.

Additionally, if people are genuinely concerned that SPG diminishes the value of Halloweekend, I should direct you to our recent post about all of the changes affecting this year’s SPG. There are only 400 students attending the event. If there are ~6,000 students at Brown, that means that only ~6% of undergraduates will have to make the choice between donning their lingerie or the costume they’d planned to wear for weeks. The 94% of the student body who isn’t attending SPG should maintain the right to celebrate Halloweekend next weekend. We are the 94%!

My closing statement: You know you want a 4(+/- 3)-day bender. Choose next weekend.


Still not convinced either way? Help the whole campus decide by voting in our poll or by leaving a comment.

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