Little Victories at Brown: Part 2

(BlogDH) Little Victories

Having a rough week? Struggling to finalize your Halloweek costumes? Need a little somethin’ to brighten up your day? We want to remind you how much you love this place by presenting to you Part 2 in our new series, ‘Little Victories.’ A literary booster dose of  positivity highlighting those little things that you can’t help but love. Here are the ten more ‘Little Victories at Brown’–the ‘small, universal pleasures’ we find around campus that make us the happiest student body in the country.

1. When you forget your laundry in the washer/dryer for a couple of hours and come back to find it unharmed. We all know and dread that moment… the moment when you realize that you forgot to collect your precious wards from that lawless land known as the laundry room. In a frantic burst of speed you head towards the dryer. Panting and out of breath, you anxiously peer through the machine’s window, and… find that your clothes are still there. You return back to your dorm cuddling them. While your unit finds your behavior disconcerting, you’re too happy about this reunion to give a damn.

2. When you can fit two cups under the water dispensers in the Ivy Room at the same time. If you place a giant cup under two of the water spigots, you fill it up in half the time. You’re also twenty times more excited to do something equally as cool as it is efficient while inebriated, hence the clutch-ness of the same water dispenser at Jo’s. You feel weirdly powerful and talented. How magical.

3. When a seminar falls on a University holiday (e.g. Columbus Day) so you get at least a week off from your reading.  A holiday is good, but a week without readings is even better. When a seminar falls on a university holiday, you get both. So while you are out on the Main Green soaking the sun, your assigned reading is busy gathering dust (ha!). It truly is poetic justice. Savor it.

4. When Brown-Secure works. While Brown-Secure is certainly fickle and tiresome, there are times when it actually works. And when it does, life seems to be one grand harmony. You leisurely browse through your FB feed, watch a YouTube video in HD, check your email, reveling in the security of an encrypted network, and of course vigorously nod in agreement with this article.

5. When you get the last ciabatta roll at the Blue Room.

Blue Room, you're my hallelujah

6. When it’s cold enough to be sweater weather but it’s warm enough to not need a jacket. You mooched off of your parents this family weekend and scored some great fall retail items. You can stay nice and cozy in the New England chill and show off your new wardrobe, but you don’t have to worry about the eternal question: “Where will I put my jacket???” Besides, everyone knows that Brunonians have great taste in sweaters.

7. When you get that perfectly instagrammable photo of the Main Green. The sun’s rays shine through the gates and you capture it like you’re Annie Leibovitz–or, even better, like a RISD student. You won’t even have to worry about surpassing the sacred 11 likes… you’re going into it with an automatic 50, minimum.

8. When you walk through a pile of crunchy leaves on the way to class. There is nothing worse than stepping on leaves that appear to be crunchy, but, in fact, do not end up crunching. But when the leaves under your feet crunch like stale Ratty cereal, you remember that there really is nothing like fall at Brown.

9. When you realize you want to take SafeRide the B.U.S at 2:57 a.m. Just when you thought you would be trapped in the dungeons of Wriston—A.K.A. fraternity basements—forever, you glance at your iPhone clock and are reminded that there are a few dangling minutes to find salvation in the evening shuttle. You don’t have to walk home in the cold, you’ll be sleeping in your own bed, and you thoroughly lived out the night. The best of both worlds.

10. The conveniently located M&Ms in the Ratty for your Grab-N-Go pleasure. You’ve just finished another meal at the Ratty. Now it’s time to return to studying. As you drag your feet towards the exit, not wanting to return to the arduous task of scaling your personal mountain of work, you see the M&Ms. With one fluid motion you take a paper napkin (or opt to take a classic handful) and grab a generous spoonful of the chocolate treats from the container. Guilt-free dessert. Yum.

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