Frosh-cessities: 8 dorm essentials for winter


It seems that at some point last week, we woke up and realized it suddenly became winter. While you may have thought a Bob Marley poster and a bulletin board that proves you have friends at home constituted adequate dorm accessories, think again. Cold weather brings about a whole other list of dorm essentials you didn’t even think about when you were packing for school back in August.

1. Christmas lights 

While we aren’t promoting a specific religion with this suggestion, Christmas lights are essential for multiple reasons. For one, everyone is sick of that fluorescent lighting. It hurts your eyes, kills the ambience and definitely doesn’t set the mood. Plus, during the winter months there are approximately 0 hours of daylight and the warm lighting will be exactly what you need to conquer the February Blues.

2. Speakers

Bears hibernate. When temperatures drop below freezing, you won’t want to leave your room. Bring the party to you—a pair of loud speakers can make your humble abode into your dorm’s social hub. Now, just watch out for DPS… (Ha.)

3. Functional slippers

While your bunny slippers are just as cute as you thought they were when you bought them, they’re not incredibly durable. What you need is a pair of slippers in which you can strut down your hallway and even wear to parties…? Although no self-respecting human should admit this, Ugg slippers are comfy as shit. And they last forever (we’ve both had the same pair since middle school, when they were cool).

4.  A Netflix account

Let’s be honest. The first few months of non-stop socializing have been fun, but all those hazy encounters don’t leave a lot of time for your other favorite binging activity. The colder it gets, though, the less inclined we’ll become to leave the comfort of our cozy dorms for another Friday night of wandering. Netflix (bless them) is the perfect way to feel okay about being anti-social and kill brain cells at the same time. Besides, we know you’re tired of hearing that you NEED to watch Breaking Bad.

5. A towel, a high-powered fan, and Febreeze

And your friends. Need we say more?

6. Ramen noodles

Yes, we know everyone tells you that your college diet will consist of ramen and beer. While the beer part wasn’t exactly inaccurate, all we’ve been eating is Blue Room sandwiches (which is why we now have zero Flex Points). But when the walk to mediocre food seems just too daunting, chemically enhanced noodles will never have tasted so good. (And if you don’t have a microwave, it’ll give you the perfect excuse to knock on your hot neighbor’s door.)

7. A nice friendship with your roommate

For those of you who haven’t already hit your stride with your roommate, now is the time. Hibernating in pairs is now in style. And when it gets really cold, you’re going to need a snuggle buddy. Shotty big spoon.

8. Peanut butter

Just trust us, you’ll need it.

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