Live Blog: Brown Community Forum

In light of recent events at Brown University, including NYPD Police Commissioner Ray Kelly’s visit to campus yesterday and the University’s decision not to divest from coal, the University has decided to hold a community forum through which it seeks “to bring our community together.” We’re covering it live.


  1. Anonymous

    Can “David_Oyer” get a little bit more serious about live-blogging this event? For those of us who could not make it, this is basically our only source of information about what is going on (unless you want to include Facebook). So if we could stop making silly/fairly condescending commentary, such as “Margaret Klawunn will start the conversation. I hope she talks about how cool her last name is” or “It appears we’ll be snapping when we agree with things. How very Brunonian,” that’d be much appreciated. 🙂 Thanks!

  2. Suzanne

    What these tweets do not reflect is that a doctoral candidate got racially profiled going into the lecture. I hope you guys will be writing a detailed article on how the “Africana PhD student” you briefly mention got separated by an undercover DPS officer because of his appearance while going to a forum on racial profiling. There should be consequences for the officer, Brown cannot stand for this. I am absolutely disgusted. Since Paxson has been sending out a flurry of emails any way, let her send out a clarifying email about how Brown does NOT condone racism; I always took this 100% for granted, but the events of the past few days have left me (and others) not so sure.

  3. Jeff T Class of 84

    Brown alumni and students should be embarassed and ashamed at preventing Mr. Kelly, or any invited speaker from attending. I personally am embarassed for the University as it is clearly not a place where a free exchange of diverse ideas occurs in a tolerant and civil forum. The University does not even have the courage to remove those students that shut this down from the event or to suspend them. Childish behavior in my view where screaming and shouting loud enough wins the day.

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