Poster signing for BDS staff

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A previous version of this post did not include a picture of Manny Gomes Jr. (pictured above), the BDS worker who recently passed away. “He worked behind the scenes at the Refectory, a really wonderful person to be around,” Aaron Fitzsenry, culinary manager for retail dining, wrote in an email to BlogDH. BlogDH sends its thoughts and best wishes to the Gomes family and the BDS staff during this difficult time. 

Let’s face it, the past two weeks have been rough. But it is exactly in these times of strife that the Brunonian community needs to come together the most. Wednesday, the BDS staff lost a beloved member of their organization. While we may be fired up about other happenings on campus, this loss is something that deserves to be recognized, especially because of its effect on the staff who take care of us every day.

In an effort to show them our gratification, BlogDailyHerald is holding a poster signing in the Underground today from 2-4 p.m. We often forget to show appreciation for the people who have fed us through blizzards, hurricanes, and lunch rushes on a day to day basis. They see us on our best and worst days and provide us with food to get us through rough times. But we must remember that they are also people–people who have feelings that deserve to be recognized, especially in a time like this.

Our goal is to show the BDS staff that we are here for them in the same way they are here for us. We may not be able to provide the nourishment that they can, but we can still reach out to them and show them we care in different ways. Besides signing the poster, definitely make sure to show your appreciation to the workers when you see them. People need people, and the little acts of kindness we can do will go a long way.

Let’s start off November the right way. Please join us in the Underground this afternoon.


  1. Gloria Fraielli

    I would just like to say thank you all for your conpassion in our time of mourning. We lost someone who touched every one with his smile and sun shine personality. I wish you could have known Manny the way we knew him. He made you laugh with the funny things he would say. He was never a serious kind of person and he had a million stories. The one thing he took serious was his dedication to his job no matter what it was on any given day. He was always there to help his co workers even if it meant putting his job on hold, he always put you first. He made you feel like you we’re the most important in that moment. You could always hear his name being called through out the day. Now it is quiet not a calm quiet but a sad quiet. His presence will be missed for ever .

  2. I wanted to say , how sad and how my heart is broken of the loss of a friend and a brother. manny had the same smile always and never any other way. a happy person who will be there for others no matter what. im sure that you are in that special place like you deserve. we will miss you always.

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