BlogDailyHerald’s Third Annual Costume Contest: Results

Thanks to all who submitted photos of their costumes to our third annual costume contest. We received an overwhelming number of submissions this year, and we were glad that we had the chance to bear witness to your creativity and execution, even though we probably saw you on the street/at a party/at Jo’s at some point this weekend but just don’t remember. In true Twelve Angry Men fashion, the editors of BlogDH engaged in a heated debate over your submissions before reaching a final consensus. Without further ado, the MVP of Halloween.


Name: Emily W. ‘14.5
Descriptions from left to right, top to bottom: 
Ms. Frizzle from The Magic School Bus; Squealer the pig, one of the original nine Beanie Babies; Angelica Pickles (and her doll Cynthia) from The Rugrats; Regina George and the Plastics (left to right: Julia S., ’14, Emily W. ‘14.5, Vivianne A., ’14); Wanda and Cosmo (Conor M., Skidmore ’14) from The Fairly Odd Parents.

Congratulations, Emily! As promised, her photos will be featured in every post that we put up today. Check out the runners-up after the jump.

Best group costume:

Halloween 2013 (2)
Names, top row (left to right)
: Caroline S. ’15, James G. ’15, Sara P. ’15
Names, bottom row, (left to right): Krishnanand K. ’15, Ali K. ’15, Derek W. ’15
Description: We are the characters from Peter Pan: the second star to the right, Peter, Tinkerbell, a lost boy, Wendy, and Captain Hook.

Best canine costume:

Name: Binker Balaghi-Kennedy
Description: Binker Balaghi-Kennedy dressed up as a Squirrel this Halloween.

Best camouflage:

Names (left to right): 
Noah F. ’15, Danny S. ’15
Description:  We dressed up as the “Circle Dance” foil statues for Halloween.

Best combination of Brunonian icons:

Screen Shot 2013-11-04 at 9.37.22 AM

Name: Ben B. ’16
Description: Professor Bearett Hazeltine.

Best social commentary:

1426343_10153465377515397_171780268_n IMG_3630.JPG

Names (left to right): Anna J. ’16, Lucia P. ’16
Description: Women who just broke through the glass ceiling.

Best play on words:


Names (left to right): Jenna K. ’15, Haley S. ’15, Haley A. ’15
Description:  We are dressed as the Brown-Secure, Brown-EZ, and Brown-Guest networks.

Most Scandalous:

644303_10152191488803243_1340971789_n Name: Esi Q. ’14
Description: Olivia Pope from hit TV show Scandal. In her own words, “You can’t afford me.”

Best Pixar costume: 

photo (2) (1)

Names (left to right): James R. ’14, Dennis G. ’14
Description: Russel and Carl Fredricksen from Disney’s Up.


Names (left to right): Molly R. ’14, Sarah R. ’14, Leah N. ’14, Lani W. ’14, Sofia G. ’14, Meredith B. ’14
Description: Grandmas/senior (citizen) washed-up girls.

Thanks to all who submitted pictures!

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